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Our children live in a world that is vastly different from years ago.

More than 80,000 chemicals, most of which did not exist fifty years ago, are registered for use in commerce in the United States, and approximately 700 new ones are introduced every year. These chemicals are used in everyday items such as food, shampoo, toys, furniture, electronics, household cleaners, and lawn care products, to name just a few. The effects of most of these chemicals on human health are unknown.

Of these high-volume chemicals, only 43% have been tested for potential human toxicity, and only 7% have been studied for their possible effects on child development. Even fewer have been tested for their health effects when they interact with one another. What is this doing to our kids? For the most part, we don’t really know. It’s largely an unregulated experiment—and our children are the canaries in the coal mine.


Healthy Child Healthy World,, is the nation’s leading organization dedicated to protecting children from harmful chemicals in the environment. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Healthy Child Healthy World began in 1992 after five-year-old Colette Chuda died of a rare form of
non-hereditary cancer linked to environmental factors. Playing a leadership role in one of the most important public health and environmental movements of the 21st century, Healthy Child Healthy World today ignites the movement that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals.


Nordic Naturals has teamed up with non-profit Healthy Child Healthy World to help educate families about the risks of environmental toxins to their children’s health. During its Back-to-School promotion, which will run from August through October, Nordic Naturals will donate a portion of proceeds from selected Nordic Naturals children’s products to Healthy Child Healthy World. One dollar of every bottle sold of the following products will be donated to Healthy Child Healthy World:
  • Nordic Berries™ – chewy, sweet-and-sour multivitamins provide 100% of the daily value of the most essential nutrients
  • Nordic Omega-3 Gummies™ – easy-to-chew, omega-3 tangerine treats for ages 2+
  • Children’s DHA™ – chewable, strawberry-flavored omega-3s support brain and visual function for ages 3+
  • Baby’s DHA – omega-3s for babies 5-35 lbs. with a measured dropper for easy addition to formula or food
Will you partner with us and help us get the word out?

We are asking for bloggers to share their thoughts about environmental toxins, mention Healthy Child Healthy World as a resource and announce the promotion by Nordic Naturals that supports the HCHW mission. Here are a few things we would like you to include in your post.
  • What ways do you help manage/eliminate toxins from your home? If you are not aware of this issue, what things are you inspired to do to make your home safer, cleaner and greener?
  • Healthy Child Healthy World is a great resource for parents to learn more, plus it is a way to have your voice heard. Please check them out at Write a sentence or two about this organization so you can share this information with your readers.
  • Nordic Naturals will donate to HCHW $1 for every bottle purchased between 8/1 and 10/31 of these children’s products: Nordic Berries™, Nordic Omega-3 Gummies™, Baby’s DHA and
    Children’s DHA™.
We are looking for 25 to 30 mommy & daddy bloggers in addition to moms and dads who operate green, crunchy, health & wellness and fitness blogs along with the following criteria:
  • At least 250 Followers on Facebook & Twitter each
  • Good Writing Skills
  • USA blogs only
Once you’ve been accepted and have submitted your link, you will be compensated in one of three ways:

  1. “Big Mama & Papa” Prize Pack – HCHW Book “Creating A Greener, Cleaner, Safer Home”, Nordic Naturals “What’s Essential” T-Shirt, Nordic Naturals Water Bottle, a box of NordicOmega-3 Jellies™ plus other swag.
  2. “ Fun Time” Prize Pack – Nordic Naturals “What’s Essential” T-Shirt, Nordic Naturals Water Bottle, a box of Nordic Omega-3 Jellies™ plus other swag.
  3. “Little Bear” Prize Pack - a box of Nordic Omega-3 Jellies™ plus other swag

The first ten bloggers to submit their links will receive the “Big Mama & Papa” prize pack. The next ten who submit their links will receive the “Fun Time” prize pack. The last five to ten bloggers will receive the “Little Bear” prize pack.

The deadline to submit your link for compensation is September 15th.

Sign up here to be considered.

Once you have been accepted, you’ll receive further information. Only bloggers who have been accepted into the blogger program will be compensated for published links, please make sure you sign up and are accepted prior to publishing your post. Thank you!

Please share this blogger program opportunity with your blogging community! Hit the tweet button on your way out!


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