Interview Spotlight: World’s First Herbal Hospital by Herb Geek

As a mom, I’m always on the look out for natural ways to protect, preserve and maintain my family’s health care. It is not always conducive, time-wise, to read, and study materials that pertain to such topics for my personal edification. This is where social media can be a thrill and a balm to naturally-minded moms like me. Every now and then, I run into some really fantastic blogs, but even more precious, when a blog is managed by those who are accredited in knowledge. is a blog I’ve been fortunate enough to cross paths it. Managed by two self-proclaimed “Herb Geeks”, the articles and interviews written by these women are truly, time-worthy and thought-provoking.

One such interview was conducted and authored by Melanie Pulla, who enlightened her audience on the world’s first herbal hospital in Nigeria. Here’s an excerpt of this interview:

Every once in awhile a beautiful initiative comes along with the power to change the course of things. And so it is with this innovative Nigerian health care facility that is bridging the divide between allopathic and herbal medicine, and setting a powerful precedent for the true potential of integrative medicine. As the paradigm shift in medicine continues to evolve away from doctor-centered, reductionist philosophies, and towards patient-centered, holistic protocols, it is quite heartening to witness a caliber of integrative care that we have yet to adopt in the West. I’m excited to share with you the story of the world’s very first herbal hospital: Pax Herbals.

Pax Herbal Hospital is an unprecedented integrative client treatment facility that offers a unique multi-disciplinary team of medical specialists – Gynecologists, Oncologists, General practitioners, Hematologists, Surgeons, Pharmacists, Botanists, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists, and Chiropractors – all working along side one another to help bring patients back to health, and all trained in the same modality of medical herbalism through Pax Herbals. All medical specialists adhere to Pax treatment protocols, and all are proficient in treating patients with Pax herbal medicines. It is a true hospital with an admissions area, a spacious waiting hall, multiple wards for different diseases, and specialized diagnostic treatment laboratories. Resident nurses and staff are at the hospital 24hours a day, and medical professionals are contacted based on the need of the patient. Read The Entire Interview Here

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