Breast Feeding Can Contribute to Baby Gut-Health


Add to this the long list of health benefits of breast feeding.

Research shows that breastfeeding can contribute baby gut health.

(NaturalNews) In yet another scientific reason for mothers to strongly consider breast-feeding their newborns, a new study in the journal Genome Biology finds that babies who are fed breast-milk had a wider range of gut bacteria than formula-fed babies. A link was also found between the diversity of bacteria in the babies' guts and the activation of certain immunity genes. While they recommended further research on the subject, the researchers wrote, "The early neonatal period is a critical phase for both intestinal digestive development as well as (gut bacteria) colonization."
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The rest of the article does not make anymore references to breastfeeding and gut health, but makes the interesting statement that poor gut health may be related to autism….Hmmm….

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