Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yerba Mate And The Breast Feeding Mom Update


Nearly a year ago I wrote a post on Yerba Mate`, a South American tea that contains loads of nutrition in addition to a healthy dose of naturally-occurring caffeine.  Intrigued by this tea, I went looking for information on its effect on breastfeeding and found some pretty drastically conflicting information.

It remains a very popular post and I thought I would post an update on my experience with this tea as a nursing mother.
You can read the original article here:

I’m still nursing….and drinking Yerba Mate. It’s been nearly two years since my first cup and yet, no negative reactions for me and baby girl. This tea is a staple for me and provides that gentle stimulating energy that I, a mom of seven, NEED…not to mention the boundless nutrition it provides. I can appreciate that I’m getting my nutrition directly from the source. There have been periods of time when I would stop drinking for a while, more like a week or two, and resume my daily drinking of Yerba Mate`. This clearly debunks the claim that Yerba Mate` is addictive….
*Please note this has been my own personal experience. Your experience may differ from mine.


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