Inspiring Green Holiday Ideas

I had a fun little holiday contest just for the subscribers of my newsletter.

I asked my subscribers how they plan to “green” their holiday this season. The five best comments, left on my Facebook page won this cool prize

There were so many fun and inspiring ideas that it was truly difficult to choose just five…but the ones I found most inspiring, in no particular order…

“my green holiday includes reusing things or decorations from previous years. for gift wrapping i reuse tissue paper or think of new ways to wrap gifts like w/ newspapers or the funny pages. i have a stash of gift bags, tissues, ribbons that i have saved over the yrs. i also will go in my woods to use branches of berries and leaves.”

“My green holiday involves only decorating the living trees outside, and as everyone that knows me knows, all gifts are wrapped in recycled paper or not wrapped at all.”

“No Christmas Tree Lights this year. Bahumbug you say? Oh no, not quite. In fact I think my tree will look faboo with that "Little House on the Prairie" rockin' my house this year!! Everyone's getting to make a unique ornament using one of they're old t-shirts!! I used to be known as cheap but now I'm known as the "Queen of the Mean Recycle". I'm constantly recruiting in an effort to recycle and have made it my personal mission to recruit at all times. I'm constantly looking for and coming up with new and creative ideas and speak on this to anyone and all I can. This includes strangers who at first think I'm strange when I sing my little jingle about recycling when I'm on the bus. I host a lot of awesome get togethers and parties and in the past have insisted that my guests bring a bag of "recyclables" as a "cover charge". LOL! This is one way I monitor my friends' recycling activity. Oh, Don't let me catch you NOT recycling in public! I WILL chase you down singing my recycling song at the top of my lungs. That's right! I used to be a weirdo now I'm trending!!!”

“I am using recyclable wrapping paper! I never knew that normal wrapping paper couldn't be recycled...something about how the paper is made to look shiny makes it un-recyclable. I also have been slowly buying gifts for my kids all year, some from yard sales. Buying previously used items means I am reusing something and it also teaches my kids that gifts don't have to be brand new, just new to them! :)”:)

“I take fabrics from favorite clothes the kids have outgrown, but are a little too thrashed to pass on. I sew little bags out of them, and we stuff them and put their presents inside. It's fun to pass these darling little bags back and forth with our families. Most of us remember the adorable shirts and dresses, and it's a fun way to reminisce and add even more meaning to the holidays. Very frugal, family/friend oriented, and eco-friendly.”

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for sharing your thoughtful green ideas and being a reader. If you’d like to see the rest of the comments, take a quick visit, like your favorite idea, and share your own. Feel free to share them right here. You won’t win a prize for sharing, but you’ll glean some pretty good inspiration which is just as valuable!

Happy Holidays!!!!

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