My Lavender Bone Broth

My discovery of bone broth and its health benefits, has been truly exciting for me!

After more than 72 hours of simmering turkey bones, I ended up with a nice, deep and rich broth. I realized, upon my first sip, I’ve never actually tasted “broth” until now. Real Food Forager gives an eye-opening editorial about what exactly is in beef broth…one hint…it’s not beef. If you’re a big broth user, you’ll want to read the article.

In any event, the gelatin that comes from simmering the broth is the real prize. If you’ve done it right, you’ll get a nice layer of it. The Townsend Newsletter summarizes a detailed article about gelatin here…

To summarize, gelatin (broth) can be considered for use in the following conditions: food allergies, dairy maldigestion, colic, bean maldigestion, meat maldigestion, grain maldigestion, hypochlorhydria, hyperacidity (gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis, ulcer, hiatal hernia) inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis), irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, malnutrition, weight loss, muscle wasting, cancer, osteoporosis, calcium deficiency and anemia. Read More

The broth itself is amazingly nutritious. The broth will contain the ingredients in the bone and the “valuable nutrients from the matrixes of bone and cartilage”. I added Pink Himalayan Salt, which also contains minerals as well. Unfortunately, I added a tad too much, but the broth was still very satisfying with buttered bread as a “dip”.  To read more about Pink Salt, you can read my post, “Is Table Salt Giving Salt a Bad Name?”

Wondering about the lavender leaves I added? I’m so glad it was all the herb I had left! It gave the broth very subtle, but detectable floral notes. I would definitely use lavender again, but next time, I’d like to use Thyme, Marjoram and garlic with ox tail.

Here’s what my lavender, turkey broth looks like…


You can see the layer of warmed gelatin on the top.

Oh, and yes, the children LOVED it!

What do you think about bone broth? Will you make your own?


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