Green,The New Red White & Blue–How Companies Can Show Their Patriotism


A capitalistic climate, creates the perfect breeding ground for novel ideas, evolving technology and improvement  in lifestyle…pursued in hopes of achieving the American Dream.

Oft times, the pursuit of the American Dream becomes a primary and sole target, at the cost of a quality product, a product that can contribute more harm than good in the American and global society.

Unfortunately, this is, more often than not, the case when it comes to use of unregulated, un-researched chemicals found in everyday products. Consumers who are savvy, aware and protective of themselves and loved ones, have exercised the basic right to know by focusing their buying power on products that are earth and human-friendly.

This necessary trend has been met with a manipulation of the word “Natural”, while camouflaging questionable ingredients in full support of legal-defining terminology. Leaving consumers battling deception in the name of health and looking for companies loyal to the well-being of society.

While Green defines eco-friendliness and organic products, I have a slightly different take on the word. It defines an attitude, rather than a product. “Green” is a true consideration of another’s person.  Simply because Green is wholesome, in its true natural state…free from added synthetics and modified organisms. In consideration of someone else or yourself, you go the distance to provide the best…to give and share of something that contributes to the good of their being. Being green is akin to the ultimate host or hostess. Providing a positive experience for our guests which entails offering the best you have.

If you’ve watched the polls in California this past November, then you’ll know that the defeat of Prop 37 has exposed (Parent) companies who want to continue to sell products without revealing the true nature of it’s contents. Without the revelation of its Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). And, yes, I am fully aware of their claim that labeling should be done at the Federal level. This claim makes their stance ambiguous, as their campaign revealed the highest unethical behavior.

Nonetheless, the damage for those who have supported the “No to Prop 37” campaign has been done and a movement, born. Taking a look at Cascadian Farm Organics Facebook page (Parent company General Mills who contributed a large amount to defeat Prop 37) reveals the sentiments of the savvy, but disappointed consumer.

Here’s a screenshot of Honest Tea’s Facebook page. A former fan echoes the general consensus:

Honest Tea FB Comments

Consumers, and I include myself in this vein, are disillusioned by the overt  dishonesty by companies who desire our continued patronage.

We feel slighted as “guests” of these companies who invite us to consume and purchase their wares. Where is common sense hospitality? Where is the loyalty to the country that gives them the freedom to pursue wealth? Where is the gratitude of our patronage that gives them the success they enjoy? Where is their patriotism?

2013 will be the year of consumer empowerment. Our slumber has been long, but we are awake, aware and ready for action.

How can you, as a company show patriotism in your product? First you must find it. Design your product with your own loved ones in mind. Could you serve it to them with confidence? Would you serve it to guests in your own home?

Go back to the drawing board. Improving your product a GOOD thing. Suffice it to say, your bottom line does not necessarily depend on how much is sold, but if a market exists for it. If consumers don’t want it, the bottom line does not exist.

Make changes, a little at a time and as much as necessary. Replace synthetic preservatives for natural ones. Natural preservatives can be just as effective as their counterparts. Minimize/eliminate your use of chemicals. DO YOUR RESEARCH independent of studies backed by entities that may profit directly or indirectly. Opt for BPA-free materials. Most importantly, gravitate away from GMOs as this will more than likely impact your bottom line. Because now…it’s not a question of IF GMOs will be labeled, but WHEN.

Inquire after Certified B Corporations for ideas. Visit

Finally, model your business practices and your product after the very good and old-fashioned adage…”The Customer Is Always Right”.

For a comprehensive list of those who contributed to the “No to Prop 37” campaign, please visit the Organic Consumer Association.

What suggestions can you share with companies to encourage a more green output?


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