Savvy Consumers Warn Taye Diggs Against Unhealthy Partnership With Kellogg’s

The backlash continues to grow.
As I, like many other concerned for the ingredients in our everyday products predicted, the false campaign and defeat against Prop 37 will not benefit those who contributed to its demise.
Kellogg’s who contributed to the No against Prop 37, recently announced a new campaign is partnering up with Taye Diggs, the actor who stars in Private Practice amongst many other featured films and shows. Their announcement on Facebook reads..
“Just in time for the giving season, you can share a breakfast with a child in need by simply sharing this public service announcement: featuring Taye Diggs. For each view, share and comment Kellogg's will share a breakfast with a child in need.”
Taye Diggs also shares the same partnership announcement on his own Facebook page.
The comments that ensue are articulate and savvy. Persuading Mr. Diggs to rethink his partnership with Kellogg's.
“Taye, seems like you're a good guy and trying to do the right thing. Unfortunately, the Kellogg Company is NOT doing the right thing, using questionable marketing practices to sell their non-nutritious junk foods that also contain genetically modified ingredients which have not been proven safe for human consumption. I'm urging you to drop your partnership with the Kellogg Company.
“Taye, I know your intentions are good. Please re-think this partnership. A very sad day in Connecticut, the USA and the world yesterday as a young man with Schizophrenia massacred innocents. We must ask ourselves why we hear of similar acts of unspeakable violence on a regular basis. I'd like to give you some real food for thought. As I look around, I see a growing number of people with bipolar disorder and other forms of mental illness, masses of children with autism, growing numbers of people with autoimmune disease & inflammatory bowel disease. Kellogg is sourcing genetically modified ingredients for their products. These products are laden with RoundUp (in our food? GMOs are heavily sprayed, so unfortunately, yes) The Bt toxins in the corn that Kellogg is using have been linked to cell membrane death in humans, as well as other health problems.”
“Mr. Diggs, did you know Kellogg's bankrolled almost $800,000 to defeat Prop 37 to label genetically engineered food? Did you know that Kellogg's cereals contain genetically engineered ingredients that have not been proven safe to eat? Ask Kellogg's why they do not support labeling GMOs and don't buy their BS about wanting a national law to label GMOs. Kellogg's does not need a law to label GMOs. They could voluntarily label GMOs. Check out their Kellogg's facebook. A lot of angry customers. Learn more:
I’ve been reading Facebook comment on various of those who have contributed to the No to Prop 37 to keep my “pulse” on the “boycott”. Its very clear to me that Social Media is the people’s media. A place we can all use our voices to share our thoughts and provide feedback to the companies who desire our hard earned bucks. I’ve read many articles on the power and use of social media and how companies can harvest this power. For me it’s quite simple. Respect the customer. Treat them how you want to be treated and give them a quality, healthy product worth spending their money on. Most importantly, don’t deceive your customers, they tend to frown on that.
Read the rest of the comments here and add your own. Feel free to share your thoughts on GMO labeling in the comments below.
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