#NonGMO Package Giveaway to Celebrate NonGMO Month! #GeneticRoulette Movie Giveaway!

October is Non-GMO Month!

To support GMO awareness, I’m giving away a Non-GMO Package!

What are GMOs?
GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) are organisms that are genetically engineered in a lab. These organisms are are not natural, have crossed species line and is not apart of the evolutionary process. In simplified terms, they do not exist anywhere in nature.  GMOs occur when scientists take the gene from one species and force it into the DNA of another species, creating a new Franken-organism. An example would be cow genes inserted into a pig’s DNA in an effort to create a “cow-hide” for pigs.

Where are the GMOs?
Unbeknownst to most of us, they are found are found in our food, and many products that we use and purchase.  Labeling for GMOs is being fought for across the country to provide a CHOICE to those who do not want to be apart of this unregulated science experiment. Testimonies by doctors, scientists, dieticians and parents give serious consideration to real health dangers of consuming genetically engineered organisms.  There are only nine crops that are generally modified, but its derivatives are found in over 70%  of foods and products in the marketplace.


I’m giving away the award-winning film, Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of Our Lives. You will never look at your food the same again after watching this thought-compelling movie.
Watch the trailer and read tips on how to avoid genetically engineered products >>>>> here.
The giveaway package will include certified organic, non GMO samples from my shop, TheOliveParent Organics.

Intensive Body Cream – One of our best selling items!
Ingredients: organic aloe vera juice, purified water, organic sunflower seed oil, organic avocado fruit oil, organic shea butter, organic ethanol (cane sugar), sclerotium rolfsil gum, non-gmo lecithin, bitter orange fruit extract, organic geranium essential oil, organic olive juice extract, organic patchouli essential oil, non gmo xanthan gum, #geraniol, #citronellol, #citral (#component of organic essential oils)
Sunflower Bodywash – A safe alternative to children’s bubble bath and body wash products.
organic aloe vera juice, coco polyglucose, organic sunflower seed oil, non gmo xanthan gum, organic sweet orange essential oil, organic lemon essential oil, organic lime essential oil, citric acid, bitter orange fruit extract, #limonene (#component of organic essential oils)
Balancing or Rejuvenating Skin Essentials – (Facial Cleanser, Conditioner & Moisturizer)SAM_0759

  • The cleansers are made with Yucca juice, not soaps or detergents. Yucca juice contains natural plant saponins that gently remove dirt and oils on your skin.
  • The conditioners feed the skin with nutrients in water soluble botanicals and prepares a base for the moisturizer to lock in.
  • The moisturizers provide a protective barrier against free radicals and moisture loss.
The products are based in aloe vera. They are raw (little to no heat) and concentrated, a little goes a long way. The products listed here are gluten-free and certified organic to international food grade standards, the highest organic certification obtained.

Enter to win!

To enter, watch the trailer and share your thoughts or go to www.miessence.com/theoliveparent and tell me your favorite product. Giveaway is open to US, 18+ only. Giveaway ends 10/31 11:59 PM CST.

You express acceptance of the terms of the giveaway upon entrance. Giveaway items are provided by TheOliveParent brand. TheOliveParent Brand has no association with the Institute of Responsible Technology. Winners have 48 hours to accept their prize upon contact. Winners have two weeks from the date of contact to notify TOP Brand when prize has not been received via USPS Priority. Winners forfeit their prize if more than two weeks have passed without notification. The FDA has not reviewed the statements and products mentioned in the post. Statements and products should not be used to diagnose, cure or treat any diseases.


  1. I did watch the trailer and it did scare me! I am trying to buy more natural products for my family because I see how chemicals can affect us, so it does make me worried about our food with GMO's.
    I would also love to try the BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. Darling Salt Glow Body scrub; i am very concerned abt the gmo's for me and my 3 dogs...afraid of the chemicals and how they are processed in our body

  3. i am very concerned, even some of the socalled organic and health foods are using gmo's which upsets me...there have been many articles regarding this lately. i dont know why the govt is allowing this, their reasoning more economical food sources.

    1. Evie, you have valid concerns and you're not alone! You're right. A lot of products that do not have a certified organic label, but claim to be organic (toxin-free) CAN be misleading in how they label their products. This is called green-washing. You'll need to read and assess their ingredients carefully. Even third-party certifying organizations have different standards of certifying. The products from my shop (Miessence) are certified organic to food grade standards, the highest certification you can receive, and is certified international (much stricter than USDA). I have a free label-reading event coming up that talks about this and much more, very eye-opening information. You can RSVP on the Events page. Additionally, I learned from the film that some former Monsanto employees hold high level positions in the FDA. This would explain a bit about the lack of action we see.

  4. This is so frightening. The number of conditions that may be related to GMOs is astounding! I was also shocked by the internist who said that, with many of these conditions, when the modified foods are removed from the diet, patients get better. Pretty obvious relationship there.

    1. Yes! The movie talks about this too. With many testimonies from doctors, scientists and parents.

  5. Great trailer--I have become more aware of what I am buying recently because of GMOs.
    I like the Lemon Myrtle shampoo.

  6. SkinHappiness w/ dr. laura koniver, b/c i love learning abt new skin products to help w/ skin problems

    1. Dr. Laura rocks. You can learn more about her at www.intuitionphysician.com. Don't forget to RSVP on the events page. :)

  7. It is truly scary what is going on with our country and our products. We are definitely changing the way our family lives. Thank you

    1. I agree and good for you. We are trying to do the same. Evolving as much as we can towards a wholesome, pure diet.

  8. My favorite is the Balancing Skin Essentials Pack.

    1. LOVE the balancing skin essentials! My skin has never been more soft and supple! The conditioner is the key! It feeds your skin the nutrients it needs. :)

  9. Love the citrus burst products, especially the Sunflower Body Wash.

  10. Since my skin is so sensitive and my hair as well it has been thinning do too my thyroid I am very cautious about what I use the lemon shampoo sounds nice.

    1. Hi Tina! I have thyroid issues too that caused thinning, hair loss and weight gain. My hair was not only thin, but super sensitive scalp that was scaly. I've been dealing with it for a few years now. However, I've been taking the Superfoods Vitality Pack (DeepGreens, BerryRadical & InLiven) for a few months now, my hormones are more balanced, my hair grew back, (not as thick as it used to be, but it's there!) and I've slimmed down a bit. I'm hosting an event that talks about the Superfoods Vitality Pack. You'll find it on the Events page. You can find the superfoods here: http://www.miessence.com/shop/en/category/5/superfood

      Additionally, because you have sensitive skin, I would suggest Desert Flower Shampoo which is gentle and cleans with Yucca Juice (no soap or detergent). Thanks for stopping past!

  11. Wow....really interesting trailer. GMOs are scary....I hate to think about the future repercussions of this.

  12. I like the Lemon Myrtle shampoo. I like that it made me more aware of GMOs because I honestly have never thought about it.
    Brittney House


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