Non-Toxic Gift Guide #Spa Her

As the savvy consumer become more and more aware of what's in our food and products, gift giving and receiving can be a dilemma! Here are some suggestions from TheOliveParent Organics shop for dilemma free and thoughtful gifts. It it truly vital to consider toxic-free skin care! What is put on our skin can be readily absorbed directly into the bloodstream without filtering. Our skin is a living organ! Read: What You Thought You Knew About The Cosmetic Industry... 

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Gift suggestion... make a Spa gift certificate for that special lady (person) in your life, for a free foot and back rub along with the following organic items....

Inland salt blended with organic coconut oil, orange essential oil, lime, cinnamon, clove, rosemary and jojoba, is sure to create that at home spa environment. Your loved one can use this in the shower or bath
**Retail Price: $45.05

This seasonal, holiday-themed massage oil blends sunflower seed oil, jojoba and avocado fruit oils with clove, lime, cinnamon, sweet orange and rosemary for a rejuvenating, relaxation massage.
**Retail Price: $26.60

While she (or he) is enjoying her foot rub, a mineral mask a favored spa ritual! Sun-dried Kaolinite Clay (white clay) with hops, nettle, horsetail and more make for a gentle, but effective mask. The Rejuvenating Mineral Mask works in conjunction with the Rejuvenating skin type (dry/mature).
**Retail Price: $28.65

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