Grade “A” Skincare Giveaway!

Things have been buzzing on Facebook when a ND from Texas analyzed the ingredients in popular MLM skincare products. Dr. Bridges, who is not affiliated with any of the brands, graded them, according to the ingredients from A to F-. The brands listed:
  • Miessence
  • Shaklee’s Enfuselle
  • Arbonne
  • Nerium
  • Rodan+Fields
  • Modere
  • (Soon to come – CounterBeauty, Essante, Melaluca, Forever Living, NYR Organic & more)
Dr. Bridges handed out Ds and Fs mostly, except for the only A (at the time of publishing) which went to Miessence! Miessence representatives and customers are definitely not surprised by this.
Take a moment and visit Dr. Bridges thread and following the fascinating conversations on green-washing, label-reading and valid third party verifications. If you feel so inspired leave your thoughts in a comment at this post( .

I’m so proud to be a Miessence representative and to celebrate our “A” grade, we are giving away ONE SKIN ESSENTIALS PACK with one INLIVEN PROBIOTIC SUPERFOOD!
This celebratory giveaway is open to subscribers of my newsletter. However, everyone is welcome to subscribe! Simply go to FREE TOXIC RESOURCE TEST tab and fill out the form and type #GradeAGiveway2015 in the “How you found me field”. You can earn another entry by referring friends and family. Simply send them this link, follow the same instructions and have them add YOUR name to the “How you found me” field. Please note – you must be subscribed first, and use the exact name used in subscribing. The giveaway is open to US, Can, UK, Australia, New Zealand. 18+. Ends October 31st.

To refer friends and family use this link:

Best Wishes!

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  1. where is the link that you use to send to other people please.

    1. Hi Evie! The link can be found in the title of post. However, I'll update the post to include the link. Thanks for pointing that out.

      Meanwhile here it is:

      Thanks for entering!


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