#Raw #Protein Hemp Milk Recipe

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to transition away from cow’s milk and implement a nut milk replacement. Organic milk is ridiculously expensive and who knows how valid a “farmer’s pledge” to avoid using artificial growth hormones on their cows really is. Would you bet your health on that? Not me.
Nut milk often comes with preservatives such as carrageenan, which has been linked to gut disorders.1 Other additives such as synthetic vitamins, minerals, calcium carbonate and the ambiguous “natural flavors” typically peppers ingredient lists. The taste of store-bought nut milk has been off-putting and not a viable economic solution for a large family, so naturally I sought out home-made nut milk. My first attempt wasn’t really an attempt, but review of what it would take to make almond milk. I’ve taken on quite a few home-made tasks and I wasn’t at all motivated by the involving process of almond milk.

Shelled hemp seed is a powerhouse of nutrition. Rich in fatty acids and essential amino acids, it contains GLA 2, very important for me include in my diet. Studies show that Gamma Linoleic Acid can be beneficial to a variety of skin and hair issues as well as menopausal and PMS symptoms.3 Hemp seed also has naturally occurring minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc.2
When I learned how easy and delicious it was to make Hemp seed milk, I tweaked the recipe to suit my family. I’m so thrilled to begin the process of moving away from cow’s milk!

*Recipe Update! - 12-2-15 - You can use as little as 1/4th of a cup of Hemp Seed to extend your batch of hemp seeds. Tastes just the same. A  little less gritty. Consume milk within a 24 to 48 hour period. 

Home-made, raw protein hemp milk is delicious, creamy and nutritious.
  1. *1 cup of raw shelled hemp seeds.
  2. 3 cups of filtered water.
  3. 2-3 tbsp. of raw honey or maple syrup.
  4. 1 tbsp. of Miessence Complete Protein Powder
  5. 1 tbsp. of Oatstraw tincture for calcium.
  6. A dash of salt to taste.
  7. Blend in a blender until smooth.
Store your milk in a glass container or a chemical-free plastic, if you can find it. Some recipes call for straining the milk through a cheese cloth and discard the seeds. I try not to waste wholesome foods and don’t mind the bit of grit in the milk. If you want a smoother drink, feel free to strain the seeds from the final product.
IMG_20150928_084851This recipe turned out pretty sweet. Literally and figuratively. Smile  I would suggest adding only two tablespoons of honey. The Miessence Complete Protein is naturally sweetened with monk fruit and adds to the sweet factor. If you have children stuck on cow’s milk, that extra sweet factor may be a hit with them. Otherwise, adding another cup of filtered water can dilute the sweetness. Every single one of my children (outside of my nursling) LOVED this recipe, even my pickiest child! I love this recipe and I can’t stand anything remotely related to cow’s milk. I find myself wanting to sip on it. The protein powder is raw and gives this recipe it’s creamy, smooth taste that I love.

Oatstraw for Calcium
I added oatstraw tincture for a boost of calcium. Oatstraw is rich in calcium and other minerals.4 I had home-made oatstraw tincture on hand and the herb itself. If you don’t have the tincture available, but the herb, you can infuse oatstraw in water either overnight or by steeping in boiled water (then, cooled), and add this in place of filtered water. I don’t know how this method tastes, but oatstraw is such a mild and mellow flavor, I don’t think it will have a negative impact on the taste, it might add to it. If you don’t have neither, you can replace the oatstraw tincture with two tsp. of vanilla for flavor.
You can make your own tinctures here.

Although hemp seed’s nutritional composition is made with protein, my main objective in adding protein IMG_20150929_074057powder is to bulk up the “milk” (My 11-year-old reminded me that there is “milk” in the recipe and isn’t milkSmile) and provide a balance to my home-made cereal in the mornings. Miessence Complete Protein has a complete amino acid profile from complementary sources of grain, legume and seed, making up for the deficiencies of the limiting amino acid.5  With this, I feel confident I’m providing my family a healthy start to the day! I was shocked to see my children only eating ONE, SMALL bowl of my home-made cereal with the hemp milk. In comparison to cow’s milk, they usually ask for seconds. They didn’t even ask for a second bowl with the hemp milk stating that they were “full”.
Mission accomplished.

This recipe is extremely versatile. Add raw cacao powder and extra sweetener for a chocolaty treat. You can add a boost of antioxidants, by adding BerryRadical Superfoods, which will give you a fruity, chocolaty flavor.

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I am an independent representative of Miessence and feature Miessence Complete Protein found at my shop. For more information on the protein, visit, http://www.miessence.com/theoliveparent/en/community/protein or leave a comment. Smile
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  1. Sounds really delicious! I like your addition of oat straw for calcium. I'll have to give this one a try.

  2. A great alternative to cow's milk, thanks for sharing! Hemp seeds are a true superfood, with many health benefits. If you want to learn more about the health benefits, please check out this post: https://hempseedhealth.com/benefits-of-hemp-seeds/


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