#BlackFriday #CyberMonday–Miessence Superfood 10 Day Vitality Challenge KIt


Our next 10-Day Vitality Challenge group starts January 1st – Just in time for New Year’s! Get your new year’s resolution off to the right start with…

39 Raw Super Foods

13 Probiotic Strains

5 Raw Grass Juices

3 Types of Blue Green Algae

*This kit is offered for a very limited amount of time, 40% off – with very limited supplies. ONLY AVAILABLE HERE.

The kits contain:

10 day supply of BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood

10 day supply of DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood

10 day supply of InLiven Probiotic Superfood

20 page Vitality Challenge book including self-assessment guide, detox guide and bonus Smoothie recipes

More information on the 10 Day Vitality Challenge Kits and ingredients can be found here.

10 Day Vitality Challenge Graduates’ Testimonials

"First let me say that I am very skeptical when it comes to these type of things. I usually stay far away from anything like this. I reluctantly agreed to try this challenge, mostly to make my wife happy. Through the 10 days I made an effort to not change anything else in my daily diet and lifestyle. My goal was to be able to pinpoint any benefits, or lack there of, to the superfoods. Well... Here on day 10 of the challenge I feel fantastic! I have a physically demanding job, and at the end of the day I have way more energy than before. I also have many body aches and pains due to my work which now are almost non existent. I would get headaches every couple days, I think this is day 6 without one. My bottle of ibuprofen hasn't been touched in a week! This after just 10 days! I am not skeptical anymore."

"This has been a great journey for my husband and I! What a fun intro to the Miessence superfood line. We've been so impressed with the quality of product, shipping (Auz to Alberta, Canada in 5 days!!!) and the community here! It's been great!!! Thanks everyone! We are both feeling more energized... less body pain, less fatigue and me less brain fog!! My gut has never been happier! As a final testimony, this may sound a tad gross, but I just noticed my tongue is pink again, and not covered in white! Happy happy happy!!"

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*Offer valid while supplies last.


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