Homemade Raw Cashew Milk

In my pursuit living dairy free by the way of cow’s milk, (We still consume butter, cheese etc.) I’ve incorporated another super easy recipe as a replacement.

Cashew milk is so delicious and provides a texture closer to milk than hemp seed milk, but does not have the same amazing nutritional profile as hemp seed milk does. It is also more expensive and uses more product to create the same amount of in hemp seed. So cashew milk is a true treat.
I LOVE the flavor - much more than hemp milk. However, hemp milk and cashew milk have been the easiest to make!

Cashew milk is good for those who want to avoid dairy or those who are lactose intolerant. It is also a good alternative to breastfeeding moms whose nurslings don’t react well to cow’s milk in the breast milk.

Why Homemade?
You can easily purchase nut milk from the stores. I’m not sure about cashew milk, I’ve not seen it for sale. The advantage of making your own nut milk is numerous. For me, number one – I’m in control of the process, and by extension, all of the ingredients that go into it. Having control over quality is invaluable. One we can appreciate in the face of additives, chemicals, preservatives, and Lord knows what else. You can greatly minimize your exposure to toxins by making your own foods. Some nut milk has carrageenan in it, which has been linked to gut issues.3 Some nut milk contain more sweeteners than nuts!4 Going homemade is one way I’m taking back my power. Two, it’s fresh! Three – it tastes better! Four, you save money. Sure you expend a bit of time and effort, it is worth the effort isn’t it? The satisfaction from providing whole, quality food is such a good feeling one that motivates me to do more!

Four Simple Ingredients
All you need is four ingredients. It is so versatile you can change it up for chocolate milk, use it as a protein shake by adding a high quality, holistic protein powder or just drink as it is. You can add BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood for a good antioxidant boost!

Saying that…I have a guideline –recipes are fine and dandy, but let’s be real, we always change it up to suit more of our liking. A little more of this and bit more of that creates the perfect scenario for you and family to enjoy.

Ingredient List:
2 cups of raw cashew pieces
4 to 5 cups of filtered water
A dash or two of pink salt (or unrefined salt)
1 tablespoon of honey or sweetener of your choice

Pre-soak two cups of cashew pieces in filtered water in 1 tbsp. of unrefined salt for one to four hours.

The Importance of Pre-Soaking
Pre-soaking the cashews removes the phytic acid which inhibits nutrient absorption. Phytic acid is naturally occurring and exists to prevent the seed from sprouting immaturely. Found in plants, legumes, seeds, and nuts. Nuts appear to have a higher content of phytic acid.1 The problem with phytic acid is that it is an enzyme inhibitor – inhibiting enzymes we need to digest our food. It is the principle storage of phosphorus in plant tissue. To humans and animals with one stomach, the phosphorous is not bioavailable. Not only that, the phytic acid chelates important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.2 This is an important step that shouldn’t be skipped!
Once your nuts have been pre soaked, strain them and give them a good rinse if it needs it.
Combine the pre-soaked cashews in a blender with the salt and honey. Start the blender and then add the water slowly. You can add all the ingredients in it and hit the puree button...with the top on. Winking smile

Extend Your Cashew Resource
If you’re like me, you try to get the most out of what you can. After all, cashews are expensive! You can adjust this guideline by only using ONE cup of pre-soaked cashews with the rest of the ingredients – leave the amounts the same. The result is less thick, but the taste is just as creamy and divine! Use up the second cup with the same amount of ingredients right away. You’ll have a double batch – lending credence to the phrase “Less is more”! Use your batch(es) within 24 to 48 hours. If you want a thicker, creamier outcome, follow the original guideline.

A note: you can purchase full-sized cashews, but it makes little sense since they’ll be pureed. Cashew pieces are typically less expensive and perfect for blending since they are already in pieces.



  1. I had no idea that making your own cashew milk was this easy! We like almond milk in this house. Maybe I'll give this a try. Thanks for sharing. :)


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