10 Day Vitality Challenge

Supplement Food with Food

Everyone knows that human bodies need vitamins and minerals to maintain health. That comes naturally in the form of food. What isn't widely understood is isolating vitamins and putting them in a bottle requires processing which can render them inactive. The popular option is to create them synthetically using advanced processing methods and placing them in chemical or natural bases. The problem with this is multiple. Primarily, vitamins need minerals co-enzymes, factors and more to perform intended biological actions. The food's environment cannot be created in a lab and put in a bottle. Food is the best and only delivery system for synergistic nutrition. Read about the biological action of nutrition. Miessence Superfoods are foods that are organic, raw and concentrated to meet the daily requirement in just one teaspoon.

Challenge Yourself!

The 10-Day Vitality challenge was created to showcase the experience of the Vitality pack for ten days. The challenge comes with an online, private Facebook support group, a 10 day supply of BerryRadical Antioxidants, DeepGreen Alkalizing Superfoods, InLiven Probiotic and a
20 page, Vitality Challenge ebook including self-assessment guide, detox guide, and bonus Smoothie recipes. 

If you're interested in the Vitality Program, but would like to test the waters, the 10 Day Vitality Challenge is for you. The Challenge starts the first of every month unless otherwise noted and comes with...

  • *Private Facebook Support Group for ten full days.
  • *Ask questions, learn more about the superfoods.
  • *Detox Support
  • *Led by Qualified Professionals.
  • *Giveaways & Prizes.
  • *Receive immediate incentives when joining the Vitality Program afterward. - Free Shipping & 30% discount.

certified organic spirulina

certified organic rolled oats

certified organic brown rice

certified organic wheat grain

certified organic barley grain

certified organic linseed

certified organic mung beans

certified organic chick peas

certified organic adzuki beans

certified organic red lentils

certified organic wheat grass

certified organic barley grass

certified organic alfalfa grass

certified organic red kidney beans

certified organic beetroot

certified organic sweet potato

certified organic string beans

certified organic zucchini

certified organic cabbage

certified organic silver beet

certified organic spinach

certified organic chinese cabbage

certified organic asparagus

certified organic broccoli

certified organic malt extract

certified organic molasses















BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfoods Ingredients 


"I have more energy, I sleep better, digestion/bowel movements are better and I feel that I have a better outlook on life. All things that are important to me and wanted to see improvement on." ~ Siggi S.

 "I've definitely noticed that I'm not craving as much food as usual I'm assuming cause my body is getting the nutrients it needs for the day and I'm working outdoors so that says a lot about how much fuel you need to stay warm." ~ Keith B.

 "I find I am less hungry in the morning, having my smoothie in the am with superfoods then less hungry throughout the day. Also less tired throughout the day. All great and positive results." ~ Carrie N.

 "Improved digestion starting from day one, better sleep, more stable emotions. I had increased energy, less swelling under my eyes in the morning, less junk food cravings, and I'm not sure if it was in the first week or shortly after but I had virtually no body odor and don't have to wear deodorant anymore. My skin got a really nice golden tone to it as well very quickly." ~ Karrie P.

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