About Us

"No longer at war with my body through conventional means, I've gained a peace of mind embracing wholesome, natural provisions of the earth to soothe, ease and correct."

HANNAH - Creator, Owner, and Operator of The Olive Parent Brands 
A mom of eight children. Hannah has 3 girls and 5 boys, ranging in ages 27 to 7 years. Hannah is passionate about holistic living including home birth and breastfeeding. Her passions include gardening, tincturing, herbs, nutrition, plants, research, marketing, home-made dishes & products and marketing. She loves learning and empowering others with information, education, and experiences.

Writing and Blogging Since 2007
After getting a start with a degree in Computer Information Management and working at a college admissions office as a database manager, she became a mom and put her ambitions on hold for a higher calling...nurturing, loving and nourishing my children. her birth experiences channeled a desire to share, what seemed to be, understated options of birthing other than hospitals. Her family grew, so did she. A wholesome, healthy diet is a natural extension of pregnancy and breastfeeding and Hannah's writing began to reflect holistic health and wellness. She's been writing articles for the past 10 years. Hannah was a contributor to Holistic Parenting Magazine and the MiCommunity Newsletter.

Marketing and Social Media Since 2011...
The Olive Parent began as a blog in 2007 - Originally titled, "It's Your Journey". During the height of the "mom blog" frenzy, Hannah is self-taught and self-made like so many other moms who blogged, how to market and brand yourself. She pored over SEO, HTML tutorials and joined blog clubs to effectively share her message. Like many, mompreneurs, Hannah developed the knowledge, experience, and skill of social marketing before social media became an "industry".

Her unique skill set blessed her with opportunities as a freelance social media manager with a focus on developing, coordination and facilitating product reviews, giveaways, and other events. Notable past clients include Nordic Naturals, Organix South, Eco Lips, and Vitalah.

Holistic Lifestyle, Product and Sales Consulting since 2013
In 2013, joined Miessence and ONEGroup in support of their ethos as an independent sales representative. 

2018 Essential Oil Masterclass by Eric Zielinski, D.C.

Hannah completed an online masterclass with Eric Zielinski, a certified aromatherapist, known for his “neutral” brand-free education on essential oils in order to use these potent oils safely and effectively.

2021 African Holistic Nutrition by Dr. Llaila O. Afrika

Currently undertaking a in-depth holistic nutrition course that focuses specifically on African nutrition. Dr.  Afrika is an expert in many, many fields including naturopathy, acupuncture, medical astrology, massage therapist and more. He was a drug less practitioner and a licensed traditional healer in Ghana, Togo and Benin.

Interests and Hobbies
Hannah has developed a small collection of crystals, gemstones and natural metals and utilizes this in her daily holistic regimen. Her favorite gemstones are tourmalines, clear quartz, shungite and selenite. 

Hannah joined the Loc Community in December of 2019 and LOVES all things locs!

As a holistic mom with failures and successes under her belt, Hannah has gained an accumulated life experience of research, resources, personal database of DIYs, food recipes, holistic remedies and more. It is the intention and purpose of this site to promote Holistic wellness for MIND, BODY and SPIRIT by promoting natural remedies, products, DIY tutorials, and education to and for the African American and African diaspora communities. Please review this site’s disclaimer and disclosure policy.


I Use Florihana in My DIYs!