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I'm a holistic, work-at-home mom, of eight children, married to my childhood sweetheart. I have 3 girls and 5 boys, ranging in ages 21 to 6 months. I'm passionate about home birth and breast feeding. I have had 2 hospital births and 6 home/water births. My most recent birth experience was a Lotus birth. My passions are also: gardening, tincturing, herbs, nutrition, plants, research, marketing, home-made dishes & products and at-home businesses.  I love learning, living holistically and sharing my information and experiences with others and I've discover a unique ability to combine all three by writing, marketing and consulting.


After getting my start with a degree in Computer Information Management and working at a college admissions office as a database manager, I became a mom and put my ambitions on hold for a higher calling...nurturing, loving and nourishing my children. My birth experiences channeled a desire to share, what seemed to be, understated options of birthing other than in the hospital and evolved from there. While birthing at home is my first and primary choice, I strongly encourage moms to be to research all options and consider the studies of each. As my family grew, so did I. My writing began to reflect holistic health and wellness and my researching efforts focuses more on that. I've been writing articles for my site for the past 8 years. Currently, I'm a writing contributor for Holistic Parenting Magazine and am a hopeful, co-author in an up coming book. Stay tuned!


I began my blog in 2007 - Originally titled, "It's Your Journey". During the height of the "mom blog" frenzy, I learned, like so many other moms who blogged, how to market and brand yourself. I pored over SEO & html tutorials and joined blog clubs & hops to get my message out there. Many mompreneurs, like myself, developed the knowledge, experience and skill of social marketing before the big wigs got the clue that our skill set and knowledge was valuable and essentially took over the blogging society and made it an industry. Let me be the first to say, us, moms...we did it first!

I offer my know-how to companies in the natural/holistic/organic sector and created/coordinated blog campaigns for companies like Nordic Naturals, Vitalah, Organix South and more.
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In 2013, I took my holistic journey a step further on the ultimate journey and became a Miessence representative. With an ethos that matched my passion and message, I found that Miessence's calling matched mine at every level and facet for purity in food, products and education. Through their excellent market & product training program, coupled with my amassed research collection, I've been assisting customers and organic/natural wanna-be consumers make empowered, educated decisions about the products and supplements that they use.

My knowledge is unique. Simply because I live the experiences that I share. As a holistic mom who has experienced failures and successes, I offer my consulting services to everyday moms/dads/people who need guidance in choosing the right products - regardless of your interest in purchasing from my shop. My reasonable rates allow you to make a affordable decision.

  • Non-customers - $30 an hour, with 1/2 hour increments. Please contact me with your questions/products.
  • TheOliveParent Shop Customers - FREE

I offer my consulting services to eco-friendly, companies developing natural products. Please contact me for my rates.

My Shop...

TheOliveParent Organics Shop features Miessence products. Simply the best holistic products you can find to date. Calling to the purist in you, most of our line of skin and body care range is certified organic on the food-grade level. And we were the first in the world to do this in 2001.

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Did you know???
The cesarean rate has increased for the 11th year in a row?
The cesarean rate is high for first time African-American moms?

Near and dear to my heart is the plight of gestating African American women in this day and age.AA Women three times likely to deliver prematurely and the cesarean rates for African Americans are high in comparison to whites. Especially considering they are a minority group. Raise awareness of this issue by sharing these little known statistics, or linking to this site.

It is only when we choose to empower ourselves with knowledge and understanding of what our bodies can achieve, is when we have truly experienced the organic liberty found in every soul...the power in the ability to choose...after all it is your journey and no one can take it for you. 



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