How Did We Get Here?

In Colonial America, as many as 90% of the population was in agriculture as their primary livelihood. Most of these farms were geared towards the use of their own families.(1) As of 2008, less than 2% of the population is directly involved in agriculture.(2) Prior to the Industrial Revolution, most of the manufacturing was done in homes or small, local stores.

Today, as our bodies, food and earth are sad states of affairs. Health seems far-reaching for the average American as the top three causes of death; heart disease, cancer and lower, chronic respiratory illnesses are mainly related to diet.

So how have we arrived here, once, if not twice, removed from the health, food and earth our ancestors enjoyed? How have we evolved into a culture where 70% of American citizens are now on a prescription drug? How did we get to a life where, of that 70% , the second most common prescription drug is antidepressants? Finally, when did we convince ourselves that this was all okay?

Where Are You Going?
How did you get here? What event, circumstance or question brought you to this site? Perhaps you're searching, hoping and looking beyond mainstream solutions. Maybe your gut, experience or intuition propels a hope for a better way. After all, you wouldn't be alone. The organic and non-GMO sectors are exploding, created by those who have had that gut, experience, and intuition that there IS a better way to eat, live and feel good!

I am one of them. That's how I got here...why I created this site nearly 9 years ago. Victimized by a traumatic hospital birth experience and later validated by a holistic home and water birth, this site was originally named 'It's Your Journey' to highlight uncommon birth choices. I built this site by questions when answers didn't make sense. By searching; when intuition superseded calls to conform. With experience; when successes and failures, gave me golden nuggets of truth. The inhuman way I was treated and misinformed, in my hospital birth of my second child, lit ablaze the desire to discover a more wholesome, natural way to birth and guess what...there was. Since, I've had 6 beautiful, wholesome births that honored the truth of times past...that birth is not always a traumatic, medical event portrayed in media; believed and feared by expectant parents. With each subsequent natural birth, I became strengthened and empowered by my experiences. I gained a peace of mind through my confidence and health with each inspired truth I embraced. With those three characteristics hammered in place, I became wealthy. Here's a hidden nugget...true wealth will always be a balance of all three; peace, strength & health.

No longer at war with my body through conventional means, I've gained a peace of mind embracing wholesome, natural provisions of the earth to soothe, ease and correct.
I've used the Vitality program to enhance my holistic experience. Battling issues with fluctuating hormones and thinning hair, the probiotic range has been a life-altering answer. Although balding is common in my family - both men and women - I'm the only one that is no longer experiencing this. Although I was well on my way prior to using the Vitality program. I've watched my weight slim down, slowly, but surely, just by incorporating DeepGreens and BerryRadical in addition to InLiven probiotic. I had wonderful results when pregnant. My hope is to be a source of hope and help in your search for wholeness.

HANNAH RHODES - Creator, Owner, and Operator of The Olive Parent Brands 
A mom of eight children, married to my childhood sweetheart. Hannah has 3 girls and 5 boys, ranging in ages 22 to 1 year. Hannah is passionate about holistic living including home birth and breastfeeding. Her passions are varied: gardening, tincturing, herbs, nutrition, plants, research, marketing, home-made dishes & products and marketing. She loves learning and empowering others with information, education, and experiences.


After getting a start with a degree in Computer Information Management and working at a college admissions office as a database manager, she became a mom and put her ambitions on hold for a higher calling...nurturing, loving and nourishing my children. her birth experiences channeled a desire to share, what seemed to be, understated options of birthing other than hospitals. Her family grew, so did she. Wholesome, healthy food and eating is a natural extension of pregnancy and breastfeeding writing and Hannah's writing began to reflect holistic health and wellness. She's been writing articles for the past 9 years. Currently, she's a writing contributor for Holistic Parenting Magazine.


The Olive Parent began as a blog in 2007 - Originally titled, "It's Your Journey". During the height of the "mom blog" frenzy, Hannah learned, like so many other moms who blogged, how to market and brand yourself. She pored over SEO & HTML tutorials and joined blog clubs & hops to get her passionate message out. Like many, mompreneurs, Hannah developed the knowledge, experience and skill of social marketing before social media became an "industry".

She offers her know-how to companies in the natural/holistic/organic sector and created/coordinated blog campaigns for companies like Nordic Naturals, Vitalah, Organix South and more.



In 2013, Hannah took her holistic journey a step further on the ultimate journey and became a Miessence representative. With an ethos that matched my passion and message, She found that Miessence's calling matched hers at every level of purity in food, products and education. Through their excellent market & product training program, coupled with amassed research collection, Hannah has been assisting customers to make empowered, educated decisions about the products and supplements that they use.

Her knowledge is unique. Simply because she lives the experiences that she shares. As a holistic mom who has experienced failures and successes, Hannah offers consulting services to everyday moms/dads/people who need guidance in choosing the right products - regardless of your interest in Miessence. Her reasonable rates allow you to make an affordable decision.

Non-Miessence Product Analysis - $15 per product analysis
All Miessence Products - FREE

The Shop...
Our Shop features Miessence products. Simply the best holistic products you can find to date. Calling to the purist in you, the most of our line of skin and body care range is certified organic on the food-grade level, and we were the first in the world to do this in 2001.



1 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_agriculture_in_the_United_States - History of Agriculture

2 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agriculture_in_the_United_States - Agri employment history

3- http://www.cbsnews.com/news/study-shows-70-percent-of-americans-take-prescription-drugs/


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