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Hannah is a work at home, of seven children, married to her childhood sweetheart.  She has 3 girls and 4 boys, ranging in ages 18 to 2. Hannah is passionate about home birth and breast feeding. She has had 2 hospital births and 5 home/water births, her most recent birth experience was a Lotus birth. When she’s not chasing diapered bottoms, you can find her coordinating blog campaigns, blogging and tweeting. Before she became a mother, she worked at the Admissions office at a community college as a database manager.  

Hannah is the owner, editor and administrator of TheOliveParent brands. You'll find a good mix of content on TOP. As an advocate for Natural Living, Hannah writes passionately about health, wellness and empowerment posts for women. As a Social Media Manager for the Natural Products Industry, you'll find quality giveaways of natural and organic products. An OliveParent Giveaway© reflects the quality that meets TOP's expectation. You won't find synthetic product giveaways here.  Hannah included TheOliveParent Organics to the brand in June 2013 as an Miessence Independent Representative.

You'll also find blogging opportunities, organic business opportunities along with the occasional musings of social media, one of many passions of Hannah. 

If you're a green blog looking for quality products to review, you can sign up here or contact me directly at Admin@TheOliveParent.com for questions.

If you're a company with a values-driven brand, working with a social media specialist is the best investment you could make for your company. Developing brand loyalty, expounding your customer service and outreach is invaluable. I can help build a coordinated blog campaign to increase your online presence and social following.

Unsure of what exactly you need, but need social media support? I provide consultation and assessment services as well. Contact me at Hannah@TheOliveParent.com Services are detailed on this page.

You can "test-drive" my blog campaign services with a review and giveaway right here on TOP. The product MUST be natural and synthetic-free. Please review guidelines here.

Did you know...

It is only when we choose to empower ourselves with knowledge, and understanding of what our bodies can achieve, is when we have truly experienced the organic liberty found in every soul...the power in the ability to choose...after all it is your journey and no one can take it for you.

What is near and dear to my heart is the plight of gestating African American women in this day and age.AA Women three times likely to deliver prematurely and the cesarean rates for African Americans are high in comparison to whites. Especially considering they are a minority group. Raise awareness of this issue by blogging about it, or linking to this site.