Black Hair Care


Just like pretty much every beauty care product on the market, the black hair care industry make their wares with petroleum byproducts. Our history is filled with mom and grandma using  heavy laden petroleum products to moisturize their hair and ours.

Losing my mom at a young age, I had to wing it when it came to the care of my hair. I followed the crowd through perms and care free curls and various products promising long, fast-growing luxurious hair. I was sold a bill of goods when it came to black hair care.

What I now embrace and love is that nature has created the perfect products for African-American hair care. There are THREE things I believe every nature-loving African-American must have.


Coconut oil is so wonderful in the fact that it penetrates the hair shaft. It doesn't coat the hair like other oils do. It gives the hair that inside moisture it needs.You can combine coconut oil with Shea butter for moisturizing protection. It can be used as a conditioner after shampooing.


Shea butter is the perfect sealant of moisture! The best kind is organic and unrefined, meaning it's been unprocessed as much as possible to retain the maximum benefits of the Shea butter.


Vegetable glycerin is a humectant. It draws moisture from it's environment into the hair. For me personally speaking. This, hands down, has been the most successful way to humidify my hair. I wear extensions (braids) in my hair and have created a moisturizing spritz that gets rid of the dry, itchy scalp like I've never experienced with a mainline braid spray. Whether you wear your hair in it's natural state or in braids like I do, one of these three or a combination of a few. is a one stop shop to go to for all three things and more. I just love this website and have made several purchases. The prices are decent for high quality items and come in various sizes. The coconut oil comes in gallon sizes or bigger, however, coconut oil, unrefined has MANY uses and health benefits it may be worth buying it in bulk.

How To Make Your Own Hair Spritzer
When it comes to your hair, you know it best. You have full creative power to design a spritzer as you see fit.
With a spray bottle you can:

1. Use one part vegetable glycerin and one part water.
2. Add a few drops of lavender oil (or any essential oils of your choice)
3. Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of Advocado oil (or an oil of your choice, Jojoba makes for a good replacement)
4. Shake.
5. Shake before each use.

If you find the spritzer too heavy for your liking, you can change the ratio to one part vegetable glycerin and 2 parts water. Other water substitutes can be rosewater.

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***Disclaimer: IYJ is not an expert in hair care, nor claims to be. The information posted on this page is strictly personal testimony. Use these hair care tips at your own risk.