Employee Wellness Program for Businesses

A business is a body of moving, sustaining components. All parts, small or large, work together for common goals, milestones, and growth. Your employees can be like family, and it is vital to the foundation of your company to see them whole in thought, action and spirit.

The unfortunate fact is health-related diseases are on the rise and contribute to the three top causes of death. The quality of food, as a source of sustenance, has declined and the need for high-quality supplement and education has become fundamental to wellness maintenance - ultimately business maintenance.

Miessence created a line of high-end superfoods that are organic, whole synergistic source of nutrition. Our line of superfoods is unique simply because of the quality that expresses freshness, purity and potency.

My husband has been diagnosed with liver toxicity, adrenal fatigue and candidiasis. Amazingly, the tests showed his good flora in his gut was abundant and we owe that to In-Liven, which is the only probiotic he has been taking! His health could be much worse if not for such an incredible product and we know that In-Liven will be key in his healing. I highly recommend it to anyone. As his doctors said, "Whatever probiotic you have him on, keep him on it because it's working!"  -  Lisa M., United States


Whole Foods
We believe that only food is the best source of nutrition. We believe that nutrition should stay intact and complete in food, not extracted and separated from important co-factors or synthesized in labs. Nutrients left in their original state are more bio-active than their synthetic counterparts.

We choose organic ingredients, not only for sustainability but cleanliness. The organic food system is free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Additionally, organic farming methods include natural soil preservation techniques which studies show puts out a higher nutritional content than monoculture farming. Our superfoods are certified to give you and your employees assurance that our ingredients are genuine.

Freeze drying is the best technology to deliver and naturally preserve whole food nutrition in its synergistic, natural state. Fruits & Veggies that have been freeze dried do not require the preservatives that juices do. Fruits are 90% water. When freeze-drying, just the water is removed leaving intact the fiber, nutrition, and enzymes. Using this technology keeps enzymes in a suspended state of animation, they are brought back to life by adding liquid. Without the liquid, you get 10 times more synergistic nutrition than you would with a fresh fruit, making it possible to meet and even exceed, the recommended serving of 10 fruits and vegetable a day.

Our Superfoods (except our probiotic and fulvic acids range) are formulated and manufactured in our wind-powered facility. They are manufactured every 30 days and shipped directly to you and your employees ensuring that you get the freshest product available!

Reported Benefits
High praise has been given to the Vitality pack from our customers who cannot do without them. Some people report:
  • Clearer thinking
  • Increased energy
  • Clearer Skin
  • Less cravings
  • More - In as little as ten days!

Learn more about the Vitality Program.


The Vitality Wellness program for employees comes with light wellness education based on third-party studies, sources and information in addition to first-party studies, information and testimonials. Each employee will get a full consultation of the Vitality Pack that will include in-depth information, product instructions and product referral if applicable.

It includes a monthly auto shipment of the Vitality Pack for registered employees that includes:
*InLiven Probiotic Superfood

*BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood

*DeepGreens Alkalizing Superfood

*FastTract Gluten-Free Liquid Probiotic - (for gluten-free employees)

**Our superfoods are raw, vegan, and gluten-free (except InLiven)**

The program can be offered to your employees as an incentive or benefit for full or part-time employees. They can be offered, by you, for free OR offered to your workers for a reduced price per the perks of auto ship. The program is customizable.

Corporate accounts with 3 or 4 employees on an auto ship can enjoy discounts up to 35%. Accounts with 5 or more employees on an auto ship can receive the highest discount - 40% off. Corporate accounts on auto ship, come with free shipping and accrual of reward points towards free products. Use these points to get a free Vitality Pack as a giveaway to your employees!

The happier and healthier your employees are the more likely they are to be productive! Health is key and standard to employee attendance. Many studies link gut health to mental health and digestive health. A high-quality probiotic is very difficult to find! Our probiotic is not only the first in the world to be certified organic but boasts of 13 strains (the complete lactobacillus spectrum) for synergistic action and is very hardy due to 20+ years of research.

Source: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/01/07/how-gut-microbiome-influences-health.aspx

As your personal Independent Miessence Representative, I personally oversee and manage your account. Your employees receive private consultation, information and access to transformational information. I work directly with human resources or the appropriate personnel for shipment authorization and approval. 

Contact me for your free consultation and account set up below.

I strongly encourage any employer considering the implementation of the Miessence Vitality Wellness Program to experience the benefits of the Vitality Program themselves! Try it for ten days for 45% off.
Try the 10-Day Vitality Challenge!

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Contact us to learn more about the Vitality program, 10 Day Vitality Challenge, Miessence's Certified Organic Skin and Bodycare products and our published articles. If you're interested in a consultation - please indicate business or products. All Miessence consulations are free. If you're interested in a non-Miessence product anaylsis, a fee of $15.00 per consultation will be assessed. If you'd like to sample a skin/body-care product, limited samples are available for $1.25 per satchet, plus shipping. Media/Marketing inquires should be submitted here.

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