Breastfeeding Links and Posts

There is no dispute. Breast milk is the best source of nourishment a child can have! The longer you nurse, the better for baby and YOU! Here are some helpful links to a new nursing momma.

Breastfeeding Links
Improving Black Breastfeeding 
La Leche League International

Breastfeeding Posts
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Breastfeeding Supplemental Products
Fast-Tract Gluten Free Probiotic Liquid - Code: 15301
Certified Organic Probiotic - nonGMO and hearty! InLiven is the world's first certified organic probiotic and comes with 26 whole foods predigested (fermented) making for immediately bio-available nutrients!

InLiven Probiotic Superfood - Code: 15101
FastTract is InLiven's Gluten-Free Partner! Also certified organic, FastTract contains 15 times the bacteria counts in InLiven.

Customer Testimonial


I had a remarkable success using FastTract for thrush in my baby's mouth just after his birth. I had never seen such a virulent bloom in a child's mouth and was particularly worried about it promoting mastitis for me, so I wanted to get it gone fast, and I will not use antibiotics unless I absolutely have to. (I haven't actually been to a doctor in years, and neither have my children).
So, little bubba had his mouth wiped before and after each feed with a little FastTract, and a few drops down the hatch too after each feed. It worked so well that the bloom was all gone in just under 3 days. I didn't get mastitis either yay!
Probiotics are the way to go for mastitis as well though...I've treated myself for that twice now (bubs is six months old) and got rid of mastitis in just under two days with doses of Fast Tract internally and topically (on the nipple and breast skin affected) as needed. No antibiotics needed.

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