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This 24 event will take place on Facebook (not Facebook endorsed).
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Thursday December 4th 4:00pm Central
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New Product! Available November 30th!
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Exclusive: Complete Protein Giveaway!

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Starting November 30th, purchase a bag of Complete Protein, while supplies last and submit your testimonial me by December 31st to be entered into the giveaway. The winner will get a free bag of Complete Protein!

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Organic Revolution - an empowering business overview of Miessence - The World's FIRST & ONLY certified organic, sustainable networking company.

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  1. Label Reading & Avoiding Deceptive Organic Greenwashing appeals to me the most. I have really been reading the labels lately and sometimes it is confusing.

  2. SkinHappiness b/c i love learning abt new skin products and help keep my skin looking its best


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