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It's Your Journey...Empower it!
Originally titled "It's Your Journey" this blog was created with a desire to empower moms and parents with information. You CAN have the birth experience you desire! Take a moment, check out the links that have graced this site from the beginning. 

Breastfeeding Laws - Know Your Rights

American Pregnancy Association on Home Birth
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Misdiagnosed Miscarriage
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Home Birth Statistical Information
Statistics consistently show that carefully planned and prepared home births can be just as safe, if not safer... and have less intervention experiences (which can typically lead to repercussions) than hospital births for moms who have normal pregnancies. Cesarean rates for hospital births compared to those of home births are drastically higher for mothers in these categories. Check out the links below for more information. Knowledge is this case, knowledge may very well save you and your baby unneeded pain and suffering. 
African American Midwives
Citizens of Midwifery

Water Birth 
Water birth, hands down is my favorite way to give birth. As a mom who has home birthed  five times, soon to be six, there is no other way for me to birth, but in water. Having a home birth means the traditional drugs for pain relief are not available. Water birth is a wonderful alternative to that! The water which is warm and relaxing, aids the mom in her relaxation techniques. It prepares the perineum for birth.  I've had  birthed babies that weighed over 9lbs, the  biggest at 10 lbs, I've had no tears!Some of the links below provide informative knowledge of water births. 

Water Birth International
Water Birth
Birthing in Water - Featured Article in Holistic Parenting Magazine, Written by TheOliveParent

Unassisted Childbirth
Unassisted childbirth is an empowering way for a mom to take control of her body, her baby by birthing without the presence of a midwife and doctor at home. Usually women who choose this option are well prepared, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Unassisted childbirth is gaining in popularity as more and more women are recognizing the very serious flaws in our healthcare system regarding childbirth that may affect the safety of their own births. They recognize that childbirth is not an illness, but a natural process and they want to protect their bodies and babies from being victims of a system that caters more to capitalism and the prevention of lawsuits rather than personalized, natural care. It is truly empowering to birth this way, not only for mothers, but for fathers, who have largely been assigned the role of cutting the umbilical cord. Check out some of these links below for more information. 
Birth Junkie
Born Free - Laura Shanley
Christian UC - Unassisted Childbirth Article
The Unassisted Baby (Book) by Anita Evensen - I was given a book to review by the author. Is is a solid, detailed book with a mix of mostly conventional along with some holistic information, which can be utilized as a good basic guideline!

Lotus Birth
Lotus birth is the act of leaving the newborn baby attached to it's placenta and letting the cord dry up and fall off on its own. I have never had a lotus birth, but am excited to say that we are planning for a lotus birth with this upcoming baby! I have to admit, I rejected the thought of a lotus birth simply because the sites I've visited for information seem to present this method as "Mother earth, Father sky" type of spirituality. I mean no offense, but I simply was not interested in keeping a baby attached to its placenta for those purposes. That was a few pregnancies ago. With this pregnancy, I was determined to find facts of a lotus birth that benefited the health of a newborn, and boy did I find it. The sites listed below were places I went to for research and information. Let me recommend "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering" by Dr. Sarah Buckley, who is considered the pioneer in the field of lotus birthing. If you are planning a lotus birth, I would LOVE to hear from you! Leave a comment on this blog.

Lotus Birth Questions
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Ecstatic Birth 
Hormonal Blueprint of Labor

Placenta Love

Coming Soon!

Birth Relaxation Kit. - The only birth hypnosis program presented by a board-certified physician!
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Infant Mortality Rate In US
90% of moms birth in hospitals. Let's do we fare as high tech country?? Check out these links, the answer may surprise you.

The World Fact Book - CIA
Global Ranking - Geography IQ
Infant Mortality Rate by State
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