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Featuring Miessence, the world's 1st Certified Organic Skin & Body Range
  • Certified organic to international food grade standards. So pure, you can eat them! Our product certifications include ACO (Australia), IFOAM (Europe) and USDA (United States)
  • Our products are concentrated. Based in aloe vera, not water. Only needing a little product for use, ensuring a long lasting experience for your investment.
  • Our products are created every 30 days and delivered fresh, within a short time of being made in a unique cold formulation to ensure fully potent living active ingredients (Raw).
  • Our organic and wild-harvested ingredients are sourced from certified organic land. 
  • In developing countries, we source farmers that are also fair trade protected, ensuring that they are paid directly and fairly for their harvest.
  • Our farmers also use the best organic farming practices to ensure the on-going health of their land.
  • We support and encourage sustainable entrepreneurship around the world through our independent representative network. Learn more about our Organic Revolution efforts here.
  • As the world's 1st Green and Sustainable network company, we provide business opportunities with low start-up costs, which enables thousands of people from around the world to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families and do so in a way that is healthy and environmentally responsible.
  • Our Green Business certifications: Carbon Negative, Earth Postive, Green Fleet, Gold Green Biz Check and more!

Testimonial from a TheOliveParent Organics Customer:

“I am very happy that I was introduced to the Miessence line of organic superfood products, as well as their personal care line. They are simply outstanding. I find them to be one of the highest quality nutrient rich line of products I've ever used."

Dr. Elaine Ferguson, MD
Author of Superhealing: Engaging Your Mind, Body & Spirit to Create Optimal Health & Well-Being & How to Get Well Faster

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Reduce Plastic, Save 60% on Yearly Laundry Costs
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