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Re-Branding and Re-Dedicating the Olive Parent to African Holistic Health

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Lots have been happening in my life personally, professionally and globally. I started TOP with the intent and passion of spreading awareness of natural childbirth and pregnancies. I’ve gained so much knowledge, resources and connections through my 14 years of managing TOP. What a journey it’s been! Through this blog, I had the opportunity to work in public relations, manage blog campaigns and meet so many interesting bloggers and companies who had a passion for natural holistic living and products. I was able to connect with a wonderful magazine, Holistic Parenting Magazine, no longer in production and publish a few articles on my own childbirth story, breastfeeding and protein and water birthing. Along the way, I became self-proficient in herbal knowledge, built an apothecary that I use to support my family’s health. I also became proficient in DIYs. Learning and building my own database of formulated products that I have used for years wit

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