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A Basic Starter Guide to DIY Personal Care Products–Bonus Recipe: Natural Nail Polish Remover

Article Read Time: 10 Minutes If you want something done right, do it yourself. That’s my M.O. I’ve lived by the creed for decades and do not regret it one bit. From making toothpaste to giving birth – in DIY, the power in self-confidence and self-awareness is life-altering. If you’re thinking of becoming a DIYer – you absolutely can. Here’s a guideline based on my personal experience of making personal care products for my very large family of ten people. Knowledge is Passion's Fuel Why do you want to DIY? Avoiding chemicals? Lower costs? Friends are doing it? If your motives are aligned with a pure cause your DIY journey will be filled with fun, joy, and success. Be sure you are willing to invest the time and money into DIY projects for the right reason. That said, everything starts with understanding what you’re doing! Once you’ve identified which product you want to make, become intimate with the ingredients you’ve chosen to use and why you are using them – th

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