Happy Birthday Ebony!!

Today is my oldest child's birthday!! She is (gulp) 14 years old! While she is thrilled at the prospect of being 14, I cringe! If she's 14 that means I had her 14 years ago!

However, today is HER day and she does indeed deserve the very best! I simply cannot ask for a better daughter than her. She is considerate and loving towards her siblings, and behaves as a "second" mother to them. Many people widen their eyes when I tell them I have a teenager. "Ohhh..." they say, "Watch out for the mood swings and the back talk". I can honestly say, Ebony, while she is indeed growing into womanhood, is not the "back-talking", "eye-rolling", "self-centered" teen that defines the typical teenager today. She is a God-fearing, child of God, who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and loves spending time with her family. I am blessed beyond measure to have such a wonderful daughter.

So Ebony, the Lord has truly blessed you with love! He made you exactly for His purpose, may you continue to grow in His Grace, Blessing and Will. We love you and Happy Birthday!

From all of us!



  1. Happy belated birthday, Ebony!! Blessings to you! Your "Aunt" Shalene


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