Mercury in Vaccines - a Case Settlement

Read this heartwrenching testimony of a family who watched their
daughter's decline after receiving several vaccinations containing
Thimersol, a preservative containing mercury. Their daughter, who is 9,
has been diagnosed with autism.

Here are quotes from the article by MSNBC:

"The parents of a girl who won a government settlement described how
their hearts were broken as they watched their healthy, red-haired
toddler transformed into an irritable, odd-behaving child after she got
several childhood shots."

"The Polings said five simultaneous vaccinations in July 2000 led to
Hannah's autistic behavior. She was about 18 months at the time."

"Why take a chance?" asked Jon Poling, a 37-year-old neurologist.

The Polings, accompanied by Hannah, said that as a toddler, their
daughter was a bright child who could whistle on command. But almost
immediately after the vaccinations nearly eight years ago, she became
feverish and irritable. Then, her behavior gradually changed so she
would stare at fans and lights and run in circles."

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