Medicinal Herbs and Breastfeeding

My in laws gave me some black elderberry syrup for the children. They
have all come down with colds after a few days of their return to
school. So, I've been researching the benefits of it and have found some
postitve information. It has been noted by researches that black
elderberry tincture cuts colds/flu duration in half and can be used as
an immune boosting daily regimen that is free from side effects and safe
for children. I wanted to research as well, the safety of elderberry for
lactacting women, since some sites say breastfeeding moms should not
take it. The site I found lists and explains in detail safe herbs to
take while lactating. As well as herbs to avoid...check it out.


  1. Does it also list herbs that are safe for pregnancy? I'm almost done, but it would be nice to know. (I do know of some, but I'm sure there are more.) How are you, by the way? I pray you are blessed, my friend!!


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