How Long is Too Long?

There are several suggestions of how long a mother should breastfeed her child to get the maximum benefits. Six weeks, six months, but I believe everyone agrees that a year is the best time frame for nursing a child.

Like me, there are moms who nurse beyond a year. The longest I've nursed was 23 months. Some moms nurse up to 36 months or more, that when it gets controversial sometimes. The question becomes how long is too long? Personally, I've known a select few women who have nursed beyond the 2 year mark, I have to admit I find it a bit uncomfortable. Two years has always been my limit simply because I've been pregnant every two years. But, as a mom of six, there is one thing I understand, every child's needs vary, so I'm not so inclined to limit the breastfeeding time frame. I will say this though, six months is not long enough to experience the true benefits of child that has been breastfed. I strongly encourage the one year time frame.

Out of six children, I've only had one ear infection situation, and immunity from being directly exposed to chicken pox...twice. The ear infection situation was a result from teething and the chicken pox situation occurred a year or so AFTER I stopped nursing. I appreciate the long term benefits more than the short term benefits, because it's the epitome of my work and time in establishing a healthy foundation for my children.


  1. It is fun to revisit posts I've written years ago! This post was written just a few weeks before I became pregnant with my youngest child, who at 3 1/2 years old is still nursing!


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