Expert Books Goes Haywire on Wiring Advice

Close to a million, do-it-yourself home repair books, are being recalled
by Oxmoor House due to errors that may happen when installing or
repairing electrical wiring. The errors in technical diagrams and
instructions on wiring can create fire and safety hazards.

However, that's not the worst part, the recall extends all the way back
to January 1975!

1975!? Seriously!?

Although it has been said that no incidents have been reported, 30 years
of bad advice is bound to have its share of consequences. No reported
incidences can simply mean, that no one has contributed an incidence to
these books. How many readers are going to say the book was wrong? They
expect it to be correct, which is why they bought it in the first

In any event, if you have any of these books in your personal library,
don't use 'em.

"AmeriSpec Home Repair Handbook"
"Lowe's Complete Home Improvement and Repair"
"Lowe's Complete Home Wiring"
"Sunset Basic Home Repairs"
"Sunset Complete Home Wiring"
"Sunset Complete Patio Book"
"Sunset Home Repair Handbook"
"Sunset Water Gardens"
"Sunset You Can Build - Wiring"
(January 1975 to December 2009)

Can we say refunds?


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