No Donated Breastmilk For Haiti Babies

Recently there was a call for a donation of breastmilk for the babies of
Haiti. Lactating moms donated their milk in droves. Blogging and
emailing about the need, donating breastmilk to Haiti is taking a life
of its own in the viral realm. It speaks volumes of the compassion of
women everywhere to literally give of themselves.

The problem is, there was no original request for donated breastmilk.
500 ounces of breastmilk sits on the U.S. Naval ship unused. The
reasoning is the lack of infrastructure in Haiti to support a donation
of breastmilk.

As lactating moms we know how perishable breastmilk is. They require
freezing and then thawing at the right temp. From what I understand,
their (Haiti) electrical system is largely disabled. I can only imagine
how difficult it must be to provide donated breastmilk in a safe and
sanitary way in those conditions.

However, there are hundreds of infants, right here in America who need
the wonderful, life-saving benefits of your milk! Donate to your local
milk bank today!

Source for this post is MSNBC click on link below for the full article:

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