Oxytocin, Epidurals and More Can Impair Breastfeeding

I discovered this article on www.naturalnews.com. Its a must read.
Since, my induced hospital birth 8 1/2 years ago, I learned the dangers,
otherwise known as "risks", of oxytocin. Having labor induced greatly
increases your chances of a cesarean because of the intensity of
contractions causes by the synthetic hormone.

However, the fact that Oxytocin and other birth drugs can impair
breastfeeding is astonishing news to me. Doctors are way too casual with
birth drugs. Especially with Oxytocin. I was induced, not because my
unborn child's heart rate was dropping and it was a life and death
situation, but because of the hospital's policy.

If you are an expectant momma planning to have a hospital birth, do your
own research on the "risks" with these drugs. Chances are your doctor
will not explain these risks to you even though they are required to by
law. My doctor certainly did not, I found out the risks after the fact.
It was the beginning of my home birth/water birth journey.

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