Lotus Baby Number Seven

It looks like I will have to update my profile from mom of six to mom of seven soon! We are expecting our 7th child! Baby #7 should make his/her appearance in Indian Summer. I'm thrilled and excited to be planning to embrace our #9th family member!

While, I'm largely over my morning sickness, I'm experience some nausea from time to time. My belly is most definitely protruding and the baby has been moving energetically!

Naturally, going to have a home/water birth, but this time... for the first time ever... I'm going to have a Lotus birth!

For the past week, I have been reading about Lotus births.What an eye-opener for me! Just when I thought I knew all there was to know about home/water births. I now view cutting the cord after birth as a tragedy! Did you know by cutting the cord right after birth the baby loses anywhere from a third to half their blood volume? Did you know that leaving the baby attached to it's placenta helps his/her liver rid their body of toxins? This greatly reduces their chance of getting jaundice. Babies born this way also retain their birth weight!  I simply cannot cut the cord as I have been with the knowledge I now have. My husband fell in love with the concept and the health benefits of it as well! So we are on the same page and will be doing this for baby Seven.

What infuriated me most, the active management of the third stage labor, as it is called in the medical society, in other words immediately cutting the cord and forcing the placenta out, by drugs or manual removal, not only takes valuable nutrients and blood away from our babies, but the hospitals keep the placentas for it's own monetary gain! They sell the placenta to different labs/research facilities! Cord banking companies are also competing for these precious placentas. Quite naturally, their recommendation is to cut the cord immediately as to get as much blood as possible. I find it quite silly to take away from the baby's immediate, obvious needs for a  "just-in-case" event that may not happen. In any event, I am thrilled to be planning a Louts birth for baby Seven.

I will be updating my links page with Lotus birth information, as well as home birth supplies. I have been reviewing some companies that sell birth supplies and will be giving my personal opinion and recommendations on these. If you have a website regarding Lotus birthing and birth supplies you would like to review, please contact me.


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