A Natural Substance in Breastmilk Can Kill Cancerous Cells

Fascinating! An article by NaturalNews.com talks about a discovery of a
compound found in breastmilk by Swedish researchers. Apparently this
natural compound can destroy cancerous cells. Is there any end to the
good that breastmilk can accomplish? I have a feeling we've only
scratched the surface!

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(NaturalNews) Breast milk is documented to be the best food possible for
infants and breastfeeding is known to have enormous health benefits for
moms, too. It turns out, however, that breast milk has even more amazing
properties. Swedish researchers have found that it contains a compound
that kills cancer cells in humans.

The substance, dubbed HAMLET (which stands for Human Alpha-lactalbumin
Made LEthal to Tumor cells), is comprised of a protein and a fatty acid.
Although found naturally in breast milk, scientists are not sure if
HAMLET develops spontaneously or if it requires interaction with the
acidic digestive system of a newborn.

HAMLET was first discovered by chance several years ago by researchers
who were investigating the antibacterial properties of breast milk.
Scientists soon began testing it on cancer cells and the findings were
nothing short of astounding.

For example, studies in the lab showed that HAMLET was able to kill 40
different types of cancer cells. What's more, in animal studies the
natural substance was found to be effective in killing one of the most
deadly types of brain cancers -- glioblastoma.

However, HAMLET was only recently tested for the first time on humans.
Scientists at Lund University and the University of Gothenburg in Sweden
tried HAMLET on patients suffering from cancer of the bladder. The
result? After treatment with the breast milk-derived therapy, the cancer
patients excreted dead cancer cells in their urine.

The Swedish research team is working to see if the compound can be
eventually developed into a viable cancer therapy. Next on their agenda:
tests to see if HAMLET can treat skin cancer, a variety of brain tumors
and tumors in the mucous membranes.

So what exactly does HAMLET do that makes it such a potent cancer
fighter? In a paper recently published in the science journal PLoS One ,
scientists Roger Karlsson, Maja Puchades and Ingela Lanekoff of the
University of Gothenburg discussed research showing how the substance
appears to interact with cell membranes. Using a fluorescent red
tracking substance to show the exact location of HAMLET, the researchers
clearly demonstrated that the compound binds to the membranes of tumor
cells, killing them. However, HAMLET does no harm whatsoever to
surrounding healthy cells.

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