Is BP Trying to TAP Instead of CAP The Oil Spill?

Here's an interesting theory that Mike Adams, the Health Ranger of relays as he interviews residents and former BP workers
in the Gulf.

I have to tell ya, it doesn't sound so far fetched to me. I was
wondering why BP doesn't have several plans in action. Why are they
waiting to cap an oil spill AFTER "top kill" failed. Multitasking is
something they expect their employees to do, yet they, with the billions
they have, cannot come up with more than one plan at a time...hmmm....

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(NaturalNews) Today, I spent my time interviewing people on the Gulf
Coast from Mississippi to Louisiana. Several of those interviews were
conducted on camera, and you'll be seeing those videos as early as
tomorrow here on NaturalNews.

Interestingly, it turns out that a lot of the people living on the Gulf
Coast have a history of working with oil companies -- and even on oil
rigs. I spoke to several people who have a work history with BP, and two
of them told me they are certain that British Petroleum is NOT trying to
stop the oil coming out of the well . What they are trying to do, I was
told, is SAVE the oil well so that they can capture the oil and sell

This claim stands in direct contradiction to what BP says. The company
insists it's trying to stop the flow of oil from the well. But if you
look at BP's actions , what they're really trying to do is siphon off
the gushing oil where it can be pumped to a tanker ship and sold as
crude. It is a simple matter, by the way, for oil companies to separate
water from oil. They do it all the time in oil fields all across
America. So if they can siphon off the oil from the Deepwater Horizon
well -- even if it's mixed with water -- they can sell it for
potentially billions of dollars.

It raises the question: Is the economic promise of captured oil causing
BP to avoid using its best effort to cap the well?

Tapping, not capping Notice that the new device they're lowering onto
the well is designed not to close it off but to pump the oil to an
awaiting ship. This is a plan to "capture" the oil, not to seal off the

The mainstream media hasn't picked up on this yet, by the way. To my
knowledge, no one is yet reporting this story that BP may have never had
any intention of actually capping the deep sea well.

We already know BP has been extremely dishonest with the media about
this entire situation. By distorting the truth and lying to the public,
BP has lost all credibility with almost everyone (Governors, Senators,
journalists, etc.). So how can we trust that BP is actually trying to
cap this well when there's so much money to be made from allowing it to
keep spilling oil that can soon be captured?

In other words, it's in BP's financial interests to avoid capping the
well and claim the well can't be capped when, in reality, what they may
be trying to do is buy more time until they can lower a "capture
containment device" onto the well head that can direct all the
outflowing crude oil to BP's awaiting tanker ships.

In talking to the people face to face here on Gulf Coast, I learned that
Gulf Coast people don't trust BP , and they don't trust the company's
intentions. Today was the first I had heard of the BP agenda to "keep
the well flowing" yet suddenly this theory makes sense. BP, after all,
went through all the trouble and expense to drill the well. Why
wouldn't they want to cash in on the crude oil coming out of it?

To collapse the well and plug it for good would destroy BP's chance to
siphon off oil and sell it for profit (until at least August, when the
pressure relief wells are expected to be completed). And that is perhaps
the single most important reason why oil is still flowing out of that
well right now.

As one person I interviewed today put it, "Why should a British
petroleum company care about what happens to America's shores?" After
all, the financial payoffs to the businesses hurt by the spill may pale
in comparison to the billions of dollars in profit to be had from
tapping -- not capping -- the well and turning crude oil into raw cash.

There will be more to this story. Let's see if the mainstream media
picks up on this angle.

By the way, I don't yet have conclusive proof that BP's intentions are
to avoid capping this well. It's just a working theory based on people
I've talked to here on the Gulf Coast who appear to know what they're
talking about. BP would obviously deny this, but then again BP has
denied many things that we know to be true (like the fact that the beach
cleanup crews specifically cleaned the beach on Grand Isle before Obama
showed up, then left promptly as soon as he left).

If you haven't yet, check out my CounterThink Cartoon on the BP oil
spill at

Also, watch for video interviews with the people on the Gulf Coast.
We'll be publishing them here on NaturalNews starting as early as

I'm headed to New Orleans tomorrow to check out the local scene there
and see what else I can find out by talking to the locals on the front
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"Why should a British petroleum company care about what happens to
America's shores?"

Good question. Why should they?

I wondered if there was a boycott for BP oil, quite naturally there is.

Facebook fans,, are some
calling for a boycott.

Update: BP is now saying that the spill may continue until August!!!

Boycott BP!!!


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