Great Balls of Fire! Natural Birth Control For Men!

Look no further than hot water and papaya seeds as a natural form of birth control for your virile man! According to dipping the testicles in 116 degrees of water for 45 minutes a day for 21 days renders a man sterile for 6 months.

Huh….who woulda thought…

I know what you ladies are thinking…”I can hardly get him to take the garbage out, to convince him to soak his sensitivities in hot water is an impossible feat!”

Another option suggested by the same are papaya seeds.
“…papaya seeds have been found to completely remove the sperm from a male monkey's ejaculation.”
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(NaturalNews) In today's society, much of the burden of birth control involves chemicals, drugs and often falls upon the women. However, it turns out the key to birth control might be better placed on men. And the good news is, you don't have to look any further than hot water and papaya seeds.
It turns out that sperm don't like heat and by bathing, or simply submerging the testes, in 116 degrees water (just below the pain threshold) for forty five minutes each day for 21 days, a male becomes sterile for the next six months. Doing this at 110 degrees reliably produces sterility for the next four months and either way, it can be repeated for continued effectiveness when the allotted time is up. This method dates back to the writings of Hippocrates and derives its effectiveness from the fact that sperm needs to be several degrees cooler than body temperature to be viable; this is why they hang outside the body. Actually, sperm cell death happens at 95 degrees F, while normal cell death happens at 108 degrees F - so this method effectively kills the sperm for a limited but extended period of time.

In addition, papaya seeds have been found to completely remove the sperm from a male monkey's ejaculation. Rats have also been tested with a compound from papaya seeds and found to have "significantly reduced" sperm counts. At higher levels of ingestion, the rats became completely infertile. The rats' researchers then declared the long term, daily use of compounds from papaya seeds to be a safe and effective male contraceptive.

Rabbits have also been studied with extracts from papaya seeds. After three months of daily use, the rabbits were found almost completely infertile. The extract showed no effect on their libido or organs - and the contraceptive effects were completely reversible after 45 days of non-use.

Traditional cultures in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia have long eaten papaya seeds as an effective and safe contraceptive. It appears a teaspoon of the seeds per day is what traditional cultures use - and it takes three months of use to be fully effective. Papaya seeds have been studied more frequently on males than females as a form of contraception, but traditional cultures have used papaya seeds for both male and female contraception.

For a simple papaya seed drink:
Blend 1/2 papaya, 2 or 3 bananas and 20-40 papaya seeds. Add a little stevia for sweetness, if desired. Other fruit can be substituted, as desired.
Some Hawaiian papaya these days is genetically modified, so purchase papaya that wasn't grown in Hawaii or simply buy organic. Papaya seeds are also antibacterial, help with parasitic problems, and are rich in enzymes.



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