A Doll That Births and Breastfeeds!

Yes, you read that right! A handcrafted doll that births and breastfeeds! Mamamor sells these specially handcrafted dolls. These dolls come in different ethnicities complete with the umbilical cord and placenta! They can be custom-made. However the price is quite high. Starting at $130.00 and up. Even more for custom orders.

However, we have inundated this society with unrealistic dolls such as Barbie that I just love how realistic these dolls are now that I am over the "shock". :)

Go to Mamamor to check out it's website. Let me say THANKS Mamamor for keeping it real with our children!

Check out theStir to see a doll "birth" in action!


I Use Florihana in My DIYs!