My Momma Statistics

If you're like me, you think your children are the bee's knees!
With my latest arrival (4 month old DD) I'm still adjusting to life with 7 children, things have come together very nicely & we have a routine that works for now.Watching my boys play together, I was in wonderment of the time I invested gestating each & everyone of them. With 38 weeks of pregnancy
(40 weeks is an estimated due date determined by Doctors/midwives. 38 weeks is the actual length of a gestational period) I figured that I invested 266 weeks of gestation combined! That's about 5 years for 7
healthy babies!

I averaged 12 hours of labor per child. Combined that's 84 hours of labor, 3½ days of contractions!
6 weeks of postpartum, per child, adds up to 42 weeks of sore bottoms, breasts & mind numbing exhaustion!
I averaged 18 months of breastfeeding per child (some weaned earlier than others, generally I nursed until a few months after the 1st birthday) that's 126 months of breastfeeding! A further breakdown sums up my breastfeeding investment of 10½ years!!!!

And finally....
1 Birth Center experience
1 Hospital Experience
5 Home & Water births
1 Lotus birth

Tops off, undoubtedly, one the best investments of my time, in my life!
Whew! No wonder I'm tired!

What are YOUR momma stats? It may not be as high as mine or maybe they are, but the point is they're yours and no one else! It is your time, your investment, your experience and ultimately your journey!

When you look at your statistics you have every right to be proud of your bee's knees. ;)


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