A Breastfeeding Testimony To Share

j0385735 I am obsessed with the boobies and the milk that comes from them. And, while it is true, I have been breastfeeding for the last 17 years (boy that makes me sound so old!) not the whole time of course, I am really enjoying my time nursing my little girl. In stating that…I, in no way am saying I have not enjoyed my individual time nursing my previous children. I believe I took for granted that I will always nurse again. This time it’s different. I feel inj0385750 my bones that this will be my last nursing child and I am propelled by an unseen force  to cherish  every moment of it, so I blog in hopes of chronicling these memories to look back upon and cherish. And…no, I do not plan to stop anytime soon I plan to nurse until she’s two or longer if needed, I am no dummy, two years will fly by in no time. Which brings me to the point of the this post.

It has been said and research proves that breastfeeding raises the IQ of a child. That j0385745 children who nurse exclusively and extensively as possible out perform their formula-fed counterparts.  My first born is hearing impaired  as I am, apparently it is genetic as I have hearing impaired parents and siblings. However, my oldest child is the only one out of seven who has a hearing loss. (No, I’m not attributing this to the benefits of breastfeeding :) )

My daughter, Ebony, who has been breastfed for two years is a star student. While she is hearing SignE impaired, she needs no special education. The only two “aids” she has are her hearing aids and a sign language interpreter.  Her list of accomplishments in spite of this “disability” (she does not see herself as such) is long, I don’t know where to begin. She has made the  honor roll consistently. She took French in Jr. High and passed with a B, there is actually a good story about that, I’ll save for another day. She has taken honor classes and is currently taking college level courses as well as Spanish. Next year, she’ll tackle pre-calculus, psychology and astronomy college-level and continue her Spanish education. On top of that, she was a member of the student council. She is currently involved in a student mentorship program, Leadership council, Forensics (speech club type of various types of speaking). She is currently competing for state championship with her Forensics team and being considered for her school’s honors society. 

I can absolutely attribute her level of intelligence to the love and support of two good parents and breastfeeding. In that order. I don’t want to be perceived as “braggy”, I mean, I AM proud of her accomplishments, but I do realize that with her hearing impairment and the academic success she has had thus far in life, it is a testament to the benefits of breastfeeding, if any mom considering has any doubt of it. Would she have the level of success she’s had, had she not been breastfed, maybe so, I’d like to think that she’s unique. What I will confidently state that her breastfed history has definitely made it easier for her to “get” it. I truly believe it contributed to her ability to be able to compete with other hearing students academically at their level and beyond.

Do you have a breastfeeding testimony? I would be thrilled to hear it!

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