Nursery Stuff

Since I’ve started collecting children, it’s hard for me to get out to the store and do the shopping I need to do, so the internet is one big shopping mall right on my desk. My baby girl is a big one! She’s almost 5 months old and tips the scales at 18 pounds and is 25 1/2 inches long. Our crib undoubtedly needs to be replaced for spaciousness and for a safety upgrade.

I found this fun website, BedBathStore that offers great deals from various crib manufacturers. After four sons, I’m falling in love with girl things again, and this site has cute crib sets by Kids Funktional and New Girl Crib & Toddler bedding.  With products from manufacturers like Savana and Birikino (which is eco-friendly) prices are competitive.

They also sell bedding for grown ups. I. NEED. A. New. Comforter. This is serious because I’ve had it for more than fifteen years! If you saw my comforter, you’d take up a collection plate and launch a search and rescue me, from the black hole of a nightmare that  was my comforter.   And this site has new bedding by Rose Tree  I am just loving this Dylan Brown and Damask Beige set. It’s so funky, cool and…intact more importantly… it matches the style of my blog, don’t you think?


I Use Florihana in My DIYs!