Sarah Palin, Mother of Irony

Oh, the mother of all ironies! Sarah Palin who is attacking, First Lady, Michelle Obama for promoting breast feeding and “Baby Friendly” hospitals, once promoted breast feeding herself as the governor of Alaska.
“Whereas, throughout their lives, breastfeeding can offer children protection against serious health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Breastfeeding also saves lives by reducing the incidence of life-threatening cancers in women and preventing premature death in infants.” –
This ironic proclamation was made by the former quitter governor for…wait for it…Breast Feeding Awareness Month.

Yes, people, a whole MONTH dedicated to the awareness of breast feeding and all of its wonderful health benefits! In which, she concurs, can offer protection against obesity, the same statement Michelle Obama is promoting in her efforts to bring awareness to breast feeding.

So why is this moose-hunting, mom  of five attacking Michelle Obama for the very same thing she once promoted? I’m not a political analyst. I’m a mom. As a mom I’ve seen basic behaviors of human nature that are untaught, and immature.  I’ve seen spitefulness, bickering, and uncaring attitudes and behaviors. I’ve also seen and taught, loving, caring and self-sacrifice from these souls, so I will not insult my children, by calling Sarah Palin childish.

She is the definition of what is known as a "hater". Any person who will trample all over what they once believed and proclaimed to be TRUE in order to oppose her opponent, for opposition’s sake is clearly unreasonable. Its safe to say that NOTHING the Obamas will do is acceptable to her, even if they supported all of her own political agendas.

Do I care about her “passionate” opposition of the Obamas? I could give two figs.

Politics is as politics does….BUT I say leave breast feeding where it belongs, in the mouths of babes.



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