The Breast Milk Baby Doll Not Well Received

I received an email from Dennis Lewis, who I believe to be the  owner of The Breast Milk Baby. Apparently, the doll is not well received and He has been subjected to various sorts of emails.

With a subject heading titled "I Can't Believe They Said That...", here's an excerpt of the email he sent...

What a crazy couple of days...
First of all, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting The Breast Milk Baby.  
When we decided to launch our doll into the U.S. market, we had no idea it was going to cause such a stir.

Honestly, how can breast feeding be such a taboo subject?
Here are a few of the emails we've received...

"this is absolutely disgusting and highly inappropriate. something a pedophile would come up with, small girls have been playing with dolls for years and never had a problem giving it a bottle, a little girl should not be taught this sort of thing so young, and doesn't need to be drawing attention to her chest! "

" Have you completely lost your mind.with so many young girls getting preguant before they are grown why would you make such a stupid toy. all i can say other then that is that you all need jesus ."

Wow! I've heard a lot of things said about breast feeding, but even I'm taken aback by the comparisons to pedophilia! If you've read my other blog In Spirit and In Truth, you'll know that I'm not too hot on the way Christianity has represented Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but I would at least expect a basic understanding that God made breasts (that lactate) and man created bottles.

As you all know, I breastfed all my babies and know no other way to feed them, so this doll is welcome reality than Barbie, which has contributed to low self-esteems of little girls and actually cause them to grow up faster than they should.

Take a look at the video ...


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  2. How silly. I nursed my son and would totally buy this doll for my kids!

    Following back from the hop :).

  3. Wow. I can't believe some people. My eldest daughter nurses her dolly daily when I nurse my baby. People really have no clue sometimes.

  4. Like wise my daughter "nursed" her dolls when she was younger. It's completely natural to her and she shows no "ill effects" for having had "nursed" their baby dolls... go figure...

    Society is so backwards when it comes to breastfeeding... it's okay for little girls to mimic girls showing cleavage in a sexual manner but wrong to mimic mommy when she breast feeds her baby the way nature intended!

  5. I have given you the Stylish Blogger Award! Visit to find out how to accept.

  6. Dear Spaniards and toy maker of Spain.
    You have to forgive us, we still have a lot of growing up to do here in the USA


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