A Funny Thing Happened...

...while doing dishes this afternoon.

I was wrist deep in soapy suds scrubbing away, when my 8 year old son, was working on a comic book made of various colors of construction paper.

Suddenly he stopped scribbling to approach me.

"Mom...how do you spell virgins?"

My hands froze. My heart skipped a beat. My gaze zoomed into his like a 35mm camera. Searching for a hint, my eyes scanned his for a glimmer of understanding in his clear, wide-eyed look. Do. Not. Panic.


He nodded his head in enthusiastic agreement.

Oh my word! Do they really start this early?! And plural at that!! Where in the world did he hear such a term!? What does he think it means? I looked at him wonderingly, pondering my next step...

"Yeah", he says with a slight shrug, "You know, like different virgins of Pokèmon."

Suddenly, there's a break in the clouds and the sun shrouds my heart with a warm glow...

"You mean...versions???"

He nods vigorously. "Yeah, versions."



  1. Hahahaha, too funny! Thankfully it was clarified, lol.

  2. I definitely felt woozy afterwards! Talk about being stopped cold!

  3. Too funny! My 4 year old has done this to me with the word "funky"...I am sure you can imagine what I heard coming out of his mouth! Ha!

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