Smart Seat Cover Product Review

Don’t let the sight of this unassuming, lonely looking ottoman fool you! After school days and during weekends it is almost always decorated with diapered bottoms and pointy elbows. Constantly graced with Ottoman3a plate of food, this ottoman has seen better days!  It is why I choose this furniture for the SmartSeat cover review. Now while the smart seat cover is typically for dining chairs, our ottoman, originally partnered with a matching rocking chair, has been a place the children use to sit, drape themselves over and snack. If this SmartSeat cover can pass muster on this furniture, it is an automatic shoo-in for any dining chair  in our  home!

The color I choose was Sandstone tan, which works with the general color scheme of the room. The seat cover is unlike anything I’ve seen. It has the smooth feel of fabric, a textile mix of some sort. On the other side, it has the feel of vinyl, only it isn’t.

I took the liberty of pouring some water on it, because it’s supposed to be waterproof (VERY important to me). The droplets of  water scattered and then sort of pooled itself in various areas of the seat, but didn’t immediately absorb through the fabric. It resembled an umbrella, if you will, where the water  bounces off without immediately absorbing.

However, if you rub the water in the fabric does become wet, the main thing is your seat stays dry because of the “vinyl type” coating on the back of the cover. THAT gets two thumbs up from me. I would rather have a wet seat cover I can remove than a wet chair I can’t use.

My 2nd goal was to make sure the seat cover shifts minimally as possible. There is nothing more annoying than a seat cover that needs constant adjustment. The straps provide enough length and has Velcro on it. I did struggle with getting a secure fit. The printed directions weren’t too much help, BUT the website at SmartSeat has a video that shows you how to do it which was very helpful. Once I had it on correctly, it fit snug and well! I only had to tug at it a few times, (I don’t like the ripples in fabric, that’s completely psychological on my part) over all it stayed put during the booty traffic, which gets another two thumbs UP from me!

It’s simple, yet ingenious, way of protecting fabric dining chairs is impressive. PLUS the fact that is toxin-free perfects the simplicity of which it was created! I’m amazed this product was not created a long time ago, its a no-brainer. (I wish I had thought of it!) Two thumbs up for problem-solving creativity!

My only critique is mainly about the printed instructions of the product, I would LOVE to see pictures showing how to put the cover on. While the website has an how-to-video, it’s not always convenient to go online to watch the video.  Overall, this mom of 7 LOVES this product! Two thumbs up from me :)

About the company:

The SmartSeat cover is made by pb&J Discoveries LLC, a parent-owned company. The SmartSeat was fashioned when the co-founder, a non-sewing Rebecca, couldn’t find decent  water-proof protective covers for her chairs. My thanks to Rebecca at pb&j Discoveries for sending me their smart seat cover to review! We had fun reviewing the SmartSeat!

Update: You can find this review featured on the  SmartSeat blog!

Great Way to Use the SmartSeat Chair Protector!”


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