Tuesday/ Wednesday Blog Hops ~ April 12/13

I'm blog hopping here! Come and join me :) Visitors from the blog hops, help me follow you back! Make sure you:
  1. Leave your address. I may not be able to access your profile if it's private. If I do, please make sure your link is located in your profile
  2. Confirm your GFC by clicking the "Okay" button before leaving the page. I've gotten comments from people who say they are following, but don't show up on my readership list. Please make sure you confirm all pages before leaving :) THANK YOU and happy following!

The Adventures of My Family of 8 Tuesday Blog Hop

Relax and Make Friends Blog Hop


  1. I am a stay at home parent interesting in linking up to others on Twitter. Love to do your hop as well. All the best!!!

    Twitter: @claylauren2001

  2. Hello :)

    I'm not hosting this blog hop, but participating in it. Click on the link to add your link per the instructions of the hop :) Thanks for stopping past.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Adventures of 8's Tuesday Blog Hop:) Following you now...


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