Red Palm Oil and Mother's Milk

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Here's an interesting tidbit on Red Palm Oil that breast feeding moms would love. According to Coconut Research Center....

"Populations with ample carotene-rich foods available often suffer from vitamin A deficiency because they don’t get enough fat in their diet.
Red palm oil provides a perfect solution. It supplies the needed fat and vitamin A precursors. Red palm oil is the richest dietary source of provitamin A carotenes (beta-carotene and alpha-carotene). It has 15 times more provitamin A carotenes than carrots and 300 times more than tomatoes. This has made it a valued resource in the treatment of vitamin A deficiency. Just one teaspoon a day of red palm oil supplies children with the daily recommend amount of vitamin A. Nursing mothers are encouraged to supplement their diet with palm oil to enrich their milk with the vitamin. Studies show that adding red palm oil into the diet can double or triple the amount of vitamin A in mother’s milk." 

Research it for yourself!

Here's some more interesting information about Palm it's "bad rap" the result of an effective PR campaign? Read and judge for yourself here...

Some more about Palm Oil's
Nutritional facts about Palm Oil from

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