Working Breasts

Lock your doors folks! The Breast Milk Baby doll is heading to stores near you!

Berjuan Toys, Spanish manufacturers of the dolls are selling them in the US after a successful venture in Europe. Although the dolls has had a positive reception in the US, it has not come with a fair share of alarm and dire warnings.

Critics (a generic term to credentialize people with none to speak of) warn that the doll will promote teen pregnancy.

Really?? Let’s chew on that for a moment…

A little girl pretending to nourish her doll…as nature intended, will run afoul upon the arrival of her pubescent years, in the throes of promiscuous behavior resulting in unprotected sex, thus an unplanned pregnancy, all this because of a doll she pretended to breastfeed.

That’s a pretty specific conclusion, with specific behaviors stemming from…what exactly?? Pretending to feed baby?

Really?? Is this what we breastfeeding moms are setting our little girls up for? Ho-ish, slutty, and sexually irresponsible behavior?!

Someone get  me a BPA-laced bottle filled with formula! Quick!

Doctors, research, and even the First Lady, Michelle Obama has got it wrong! Breasts equals sex, and breastfeeding even in pretense will ultimately perverse the mind of a innocent child into a raving sex maniac!

Only those who have a trash-littered alley for a mind, can make that association between sex and breast feeding, consequently sexualizing the act of feeding a baby at the breast. And only those in this line of thinking, who cannot separate breasts  and sex are disturbed by nature of  breast feeding…not little girls who have watched their mothers loving feed and nourish a baby. This is not about a doll, far from it, it’s about the mindset that breasts are sexual ONLY. 

Let’s be honest here, breasts can be fun…in certain situations, but there is no denying the fact that they have the power to grow healthy children.  In this instance they are working breasts! Breasts that work to grow and forage a relationship between mother and child. And they’re hard workers too! They deserve the proper respect  and perspective.

Debra on “Everybody Loves Raymond”, a popular TV show in the ‘90s said it best…”These breasts are not just for show, they’re working breasts!”

So props to the working boobs across America, may they get all the support (puns intended) they deserve!


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