Fetal Genetic Testing, a Question of Ethics?

As Reported by MSNBC.com
Blood drawn from expectant mothers could offer parents an earlier sneak peek at their baby’s sex than methods currently used in the U.S., researchers said Tuesday.
Quite naturally this invokes all sorts of debates and arguments about ethical and morality issues that are sure to play a part in this recent development. The article states that...

The test may be particularly valuable for families that harbor sex-linked genetic disorders like hemophilia, they add.
Valuable in what way? If the concern is the use of this test for gender selection, was not the test created for the exact same reasoning under the guise of  "sex linked genetic disorders"? Honestly, the argument surrounding this test is a bit silly. It's a question of who has a better ethical standing in use of this test. And truly who does? And who has the authority to determine it? Doctors who will be paid to administer it? Or the inventor of this test who stands to make potentially millions from it?

Ethics and morality have boarded and left the station a long time ago. What do you think??

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  1. I think genetic testing is always a good idea, it gives a heads up and any problems that may occur, so the doctors and parents can be prepared for any upcoming emergancies during the birth. The Big BUT, is if your doing it for gender selection, I think it's a terrible thing to do. If your not willing to take what you get then maybe they shouldn't be trying to have a child. All children are beautiful. It's a matter of opinion, gender selection just makes me think of China and the terrible injustices that have come along with it.


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