Is Straight Talk For You?

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.
There are two things I really get a kick out and saving money. When combined, we're talking about party time! There are certainly ways to have a phone that keeps with the times and keeps hard earned change in your pockets. Choosing a pre-paid service provider can do both! I have no qualms in admitting that I participate in a pre-paid phone plan as well as other members in my family. The savings on my bill every month is fun! Especially when there are plans that offer cool phones that allow you to keep pace in a quick-paced society.
Straight Talk is one pre-paid option you can consider. There are no contracts or credit checks, and your bill is a set amount every month. Using phones from manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung, you get great nationwide coverage and excellent connectivity.

  • The "All You Need" Plan  - 1,000 minutes/1,000 texts/30 MB of web data for $30.00
  • "Unlimited Service" - Calls/Texts/Picture Messaging/Web all for $45.00
  • "Unlimited One Year" -  Calls/Texts/Picture Messaging/Web for $499.00
  • International Long Distance Service -allows you to make calls from your cell or office phone at low rates
When you break down the unlimited one year plan, which has everything you need, the price comes to about $41.00 monthly, you'll save $4.00 a month going with this plan as opposed to the Unlimited Service. Straight Talk includes free 411 calls, activation/reactivation and no termination fees. With any of these plans you can call a friend without feeling as though you're going to catch the brunt of it in the form of a hefty bill.
You can save even more money by purchasing reconditioned phones with camera, web and blue-tooth capability starting at $10.00! However, new phones sport features such as touch screen, apps, voice navigation and lots more.
Although the old adage, mom knows best fares well when it comes to saving your hard earned pennies, you don't need lecture to know offers like these add up to savings you can bank for a vacation or college.

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