What Every Mom Should Know Before Donating Milk

I’ve always been suspect of milk donating in spite of the fact that many breast feeding moms do it for good will. Donating your milk with needy babies in mind, is a wonderful thing and necessary desire, it goes without saying. However in my growth away from an institutionalized birth system, I’ve never felt comfortable with the idea that my milk, made by my body, could very possibly be used to for profit.  It turns out my concerns may be valid.

Although I follow Amy West of Just West of Crunchy by blog and twitter, it seems as if I’ve missed a masterpiece expose on Prolacta, and their milk collecting practices. I am a few months late, but as they say better late than never…

The data she complied in her blog is so detailed, concise and put together, it defies my imagination the amount of time she worked unearthing this MUST READ piece every mom should know before looking to donate her milk. Her post attracted the attention of a Prolacta mole, as well as the CEO of Prolacta himself.

I urge every breast feeding mom to read this, it is exhaustive in detail, with novel drama,  but jaw-droppingly an eye-opener. I walked away with fresh insight and weightier in knowledge. Here’s a bit of what she wrote…


Swindled: The Ugly Side of Milk Donation

“Milk sharing, banking, and donation have been in the news lately. Some people advocate sharing; some advocate milk banking via donation.  What I’m sure no one wants is for moms to be swindled out of their breast milk, but that’s exactly what’s happening – and on a widespread, national basis.

That’s right: moms are being swindled out of their milk donations so that Prolacta Bioscience can PROFIT from them.” Read More

The InternationalBreastFeedingSymbol.org talks about this subject as well. This post is an older one, but seems pretty relevant. Read ‘em and draw your own conclusions….



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