Erykah Badu To Become a Midwife

Erykah Badu, an African American recording artist and producer wants to become a midwife.

Erykah, born as Erica Abi Wright in South Dallas Texas,  known for the title “The Queen of Neo-Soul” and her hit Bag Lady , simply found her second calling. Having had the home birth experience, Erykah became a certified doula, who assists moms, namely friends and family with natural birth. She now wants to train to become a Midwife. Erykah is also a spokesperson for the International Center for Traditional Childbearing,  a non profit center organization created to ….
“…promote the health of women and their families and to train Black women aspiring to become midwives. We provide recruitment, education, and support to those desiring to serve their community.”
I’m loving this, I didn’t follow Erykah’s career, but always found her mesmerizing and authentic. I love that an celebrity such as herself is casting her support for natural birth and empowerment of AA moms, a group in dire need of a reversal in birth health outcomes. Will she offer her midwife services for free as she does as a doula? Who will she take on as a client?? How about Beyonce??
I can just see her in the recording studio…shutting everything down for the birth of a baby, too cool for words…
What do you think of that? Would you consider a natural birth if Erykah could attend it?


  1. Brilliant! I have always loved her and what a positive roll model :)


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